Friday, March 11, 2011

Book Review: Marriage to a Difficult Man

Brenda recently recommended this book to me and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Although I have my finger in an entire pile of books right now it was Marriage to a Difficult Man that I kept picking up to read before bed each night.

The book whimsically tells the story of the marriage of Jonathan and Sarah Edwards who lived in the 18th century and whose ministry has had an enormous impact on our nation and theologians worldwide since that time.

Honestly, I think the subtitle of the book more accurately describes the contents of the book: "The uncommon union of Jonathan and Sarah Edwards." At a time in history when life was hard work and many marriages were of necessity and not so much of heart, this book describes the precious relationship that Jonathan and Sarah enjoyed despite raising 11 children, serving several pastorates, and undergoing much opposition.

This isn't a how-to book but a story book. If you enjoy biography, I highly recommend it!


Lovella ♥ said...

I love biographys and historical novels so much and will put this on my list to read.
Thanks so much for the review.

Ruth MacC said...

Hi Heather, just a quick note to say that mum died today. Thanks very much for your prayers. Will you please pass my thanks on to whoever prayed for her and me/my family?

God continue to bless.


southseaislandhome said...

Hi Heather,
I'm answering here about the shower gel, because I never know if friends see the comments on my comments page if I answer there.
Robin does use shower gel, but only because we found some 'manly' shower gels out there with not too much fragrance (and they're usually cheaper than the girls' ones) :o). So we have a 'his' and 'hers', and it's easy when used with a sponge (which he prefers) as opposed to a facecloth.
Is Michael still going to Japan? Some of our Urban Search and Rescue people have gone over to help and have been mildly affected by radiation - admittedly they are in the danger zones though.

Candice said...

I'll have to look for this one at the library...wonder if the public lib. has it? Thanks for the recommendation.