Monday, August 10, 2020

August, School, and How Long Will This Schedule Last?

Looking back at pictures for this week reminded me that it was a full week. As usual I was at the floral shop on Monday:

These flowers from my own garden made me happy all week sitting on the coffee table.

I got in my three walks with a neighbor. Sometimes we see exciting wildlife like deer or bunnies, always lots of birds.

We had more butterflies hatching! I can't get over how tiny the wings are when they first hatch and how big they become within an hour.

After a lot of hard work I got my new website ready to launch! And two online nature journaling classes available for purchase!

The first class will be six weeks long and will cover September/October (late summer flowers, butterflies, insects, seeds, etc). I'll be sending out videos each week and virtual nature walks as well as instructions and pdf's. My classes will also meet for discussion via Zoom each week. I'm excited!

You can find more about them here on my website.

The second class will be four weeks in Oct/Nov and cover fall foliage! Looking forward to this!

I also took photos and uploaded a bunch of products to my online shop.

I have milkweed greeting cards and milkweed giclee fine art prints. They make me happy.

I also have a brand new set of cards with artwork celebrating the historic Washington Heights community in New York City.

Thursday found me back at the flower shop with lots of flowers! AND it was the first day of high school for James and David! David is a freshman this year and James a junior. So far they have had three days of school in person! Long may this continue!

I was blessed to be served dinner by a friend one evening. The beauty and deliciousness of the food ministered to my soul, not to mention the conversation.

I think it was my week of food blessings as a total of four different friends/family sent things our way. One day at lunch my walking friend delivered green beans (incredible!) and a tasty lentil soup. Such a treat!

Friday movie night came and Michael agreed to let us watch Julia & Julie. It was good to enjoy a foodie movie.

Saturday I had the joy of creating a tea party reunion for our Sketching England group.

We had a tea party on the lawn!

And there were flowers, mostly from the garden, to decorate.

And some very beautiful food that made me happy. It was so good to see our group together again and to hear everyone's plans for the upcoming year.

James has made his own masks for school -- one for each day -- and the dragons snap on and off for easy washing!

Our monarch chrysalis' decorated our Sunday table. They make me so happy.

And now we are into a another week! (PS: It seems I should have called this post "things that make me happy"! ha ha! I could also say "things that I am grateful for")

Monday, August 3, 2020

School Begins

Another Monday of flower therapy.  It's always a challenge to take the flowers I've ordered ahead of time and find things to add to them at the wholesaler and keep it in budget! Never a dull moment.

I managed two five-mile walks with my neighbors this week. One walk was on a very beautiful foggy morning.

The reservoir looked like a July morning in Maine. 

I've been putting a lot of time and effort into creating my Intro to Nature Journaling mini course which will be sent out free to my newsletter subscribers within the next week! (If you want to subscribe, check out the form on the sidebar - be sure you are signing up for the newsletter and not just to follow the blog by email.) 

Creating the course involved a lot of videoing! 

Laura headed back to school on Thursday to begin fifth grade. She's excited to be back.

Thursday found me back at the flower shop to make 40 market bouquets and 16 bouquets/arrangements for a wedding.

The bride's color choice was stunning!

We hatched two monarch butterflies this week! Such excitement!

 Everyone wants a turn being the one to release the butterfly.

The garden is bringing so much joy right now, especially when we have magnificent skies to go with it!

Happy Monday! I hope you have a good week!

Monday, July 27, 2020

Last Week of July

July is just a busy month! In some ways it's nice to reach the end of a busy season, but July also spells high summer to me and August points toward fall and a new season and new seasons always bring a little bittersweet with them.

As usual, my week began at the flower shop.

Tuesday found me in my front yard enjoying a visit from my friend Christy who came all the way from NYC! Incidentally, I was to have been there this weekend but of course covid changed all that. Instead Christy was at my house.

Wednesday we got together with extended family to celebrate my mom's birthday. Chocolate cake was in order!

Yay for cousin time!

The chocolate cake was quite a treat!

We said hello to Job the donkey.

And we checked out the gardens at Grandma's house.

And we even got a safe selfie.

Thursday I was back at flowers.

And Friday David turned 14!

Two of my monarchs went into chrysalis (and as of today I have 5 in chrysalis!).

Friday evening Drew finally had the chance to graduate high school! Way to go Drew! We are so proud of you!

Drew begins at IUPUI for Business and Education next month!

By Saturday I needed a little alone time and took myself off to Eagle Creek for a hike and some painting.

David had a friend over to celebrate his birthday.

And I took some pictures of my garden, which is finally getting back to capacity after many years of fighting voles.

The side garden looks so pretty right now with all the hydrangeas and the purple phlox and hostas.

And now we are waiting to find out if the kids will go to school this week as planned or if the start of school will be pushed back. Such is life.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Celebrations Begin

It was a busy week as our family celebrations began! Working at the flower shop provides a quiet beginning to my week with beauty to focus on.

We had friends over to play in the creek that runs near our house. I find it so relaxing to escape to the woods and the running water.

I've started two days at the shop now -- Monday and Thursday. Beauty refresher midweek! Sounds like a good plan!

When I'm not working at the shop I'm working on developing nature journaling courses and part of that involves figuring out an indoor filming place. I'm making progress!

We had a church fellowship event this past week! Maybe our first since the pandemic? It was a chalk drawing night in the parking lot complete with popsicles!

David's toad (frog?) won a prize!

Drew painted the shutters for us! I've been wanting them to be painted for several years now and it makes me so happy to have them match the front door again!

I stopped by a friend's to see her amazing Hummingbird nest! What a treat for her family to have hummingbirds nesting right outside her patio!

James is playing a lot of tennis this summer in prep for the school season. I drove him to his first tennis matches and mentally prepared for a few more months of this!

We had a beautiful foggy morning this week and on one of my early walks with neighbors I captured this beautiful scene:

Laura is reading the Cherry Ames series and it takes me right back to being her age. I loved the Cherry Ames books (about a girl who studies nursing in college and goes on to have quite a glamorous career at a number of nursing jobs).

Drew went to prom. Yes, they had prom! I'm not sure it was quite what it usually is, but this year I made sure I was in on the pictures.

And got one with him too!

In the midst of life we took time to celebrate our 21st anniversary with a picnic.

Drew's graduation open house was Saturday at a nearby park. It was a great day and we so enjoyed visiting with all his guests.

I made some flowers for the food table.

We made all our food individually packaged: veggies and dip, fruit salad, and salami, olive, tomato, and mozzarella bites. Shaved ice for dessert!

Sunday we celebrated the birthdays of both of our moms! We had peach or blueberry pie for dessert. Yum!

And we ended the week with a beautiful rainbow out back and a peaceful light over the garden.

 And now we are headed into another week of graduation and birthday celebrations.