Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Where To Start

We have just enjoyed a wonderful visit from a dear friend in Scotland. Karen (of Reyburn Photography) came over to photograph a wedding but stayed long enough so we could have some fun too.

We spent lots of time talking about photography, shooting pictures, drinking tea, and catching up on all the news from the town in Scotland where we used to live and Karen still lives.

We had a list of places to take Karen and managed to fit in just about everything before she left.

One of my favorite places to visit is the garden on the grounds of the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

With no kids in tow we had to concentrate on the flowers by themselves.

After a month of rain, we are "enjoying" a few days of very hot, very sunny weather. Not exactly ideal for photos, but for sure better than pouring rain.

The Japanese peonies were in their full glory!

The leaves have finally come out on the trees just this week.

We also drank a lot of tea while Karen was here.

Karen has a blog where she is documenting a different tea everyday for 90 days. You can find it, and several of our tea adventures, here.

I just couldn't get enough of the peonies:

I think I like seeing this house because it does remind me of Scotland:

Then we headed to a local tearoom for a "proper English tea". Sadly, we were very disappointed, and our visit turned into a disaster (see Karen's blog for more details). Oh well! We'll have a funny memory anyway.

And now it's back to regular life, the last day of school tomorrow, Emily's graduation this weekend, party planning for next week, getting flowers into the garden, and a myriad of other things, not to mention catching up on blogs.


Karen Reyburn said...

Yay you got it posted! Good job you! The kids' photos turned out brilliant, I'll put those up soon :)

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Stephanie and I had the same thing happen when I visited her two years ago.

The tea room was gorgeous (the pictures I put on my blog showed how pretty everything was) but the food was horrible.

The tea was good and the woman who owned the place was also our server and very nice but it was too expensive for having bad tea food.

Silvia M. said...

Love all the flower pics. And what a day at the tea place, I can't believe how rude they were. As much as they charge you would definitely expect better service.

Emma@christmascupboard said...

Lovely that you got to spend some quality time with your Friend. Popping over to her blog now.

SueJ said...

Lovely pictures & yes the house does have quite a 'scottish look'. Sorry I keep reading & not commenting - must get the hang of the rss feed thing!

Mary said...

I've loved the pictures, the colours, the flowers... God's creation is Amazing... Have a nice day!

Ruth MacC said...

Ahhh, theres nothing quite like catching up with a friend... without children! The photo of the peonies looks like a water colour. Lovley.

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