Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Five Feet High

Life has been too full to find minutes to carve out for blogging (or reading blogs!). I was telling Michael today that my ironing pile is five feet high and he thought that would make a great title for a book. Ha ha! Ironing is not my priority (even though I do enjoy it) but there does come a time when no one has clothes in their closet to wear! That time is just about now.......

We have enjoyed something like eleven days with snow on the ground! Very unusual for Indiana and it has helped to make December feel very festive. We were at Trader's Point Creamery this past Saturday to man our table at the Christmas Market and I so enjoyed the feeling that I was back in Vermont (my birth state).

I just love these cows!!! I am always drawn to cows, I have been since I was a child. I think, again, it is the rural Vermont connection. They are in my blood!

I'm enjoying wearing the red coat a friend handed down to me a few years ago. And of course I try to wear plaid nearly everyday. I finally sat down and made a flower for my own self! Yes! I like it with the red of the coat.

Poor people. I'm always requesting to take pictures of them. It's just fun.

We had so much fun being vendors at the Christmas Market on Saturday! It's just like playing store (remember doing that as a child!). And tonight I even got to play bank -- depositing checks via mobile phone is awesome! It's funny how the things you do as a child often end up in your life as an adult -- I was the child selling homemade cards on the street at age 6 or 7. Christina was the child crocheting wool slippers for us for Christmas -- now she sells artisan versions at Christmas Markets. :) And Emily, hmmmm.....the age gap is too great for me to remember exactly what you liked to do, except that you always were so cute (definitely still the case!).

As for my little family, we keep busy trekking to all our doctor appointments -- it's our family hobby. Thankful today for Laura's initial good report from her MRI that all is stable with the cyst in her head. School is ending in a few days and we will all enjoy the little break. Christmas is around the corner and it would be a good idea if I started baking......but maybe I should tackle the ironing first!


Heather said...

Mount Ironmore looms large at our home as well - we must tackle it soon! Thankfully I have an awesome helper in that area - she's fast and efficient, and even if she only does her own that's 1/4 of the pile done!
Lovely pictures once again! Our winter coats are very alike - though mine is waaay too big this winter! Mine is several years old - a birthday gift from Mum and Dad from Land's End - I wish they still made it as it is warm and such a rich red! Enjoy your Christmas break and baking!

Pom Pom said...

Hi Heather! Ironing piles do grow very fast. Just when I get mine down to a reasonable level, more items come!
Your coat is cute and so are you!

HeatherMavis said...

I giggled at your "it's our family Hobby", I can relate.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Wonderful pictures!

There is a series on the Indy PBS channel about people who have restored old barns.

I believe the Creamery was one of those they were talking about.

Jessica said...

I haven't ironed anything in years! lol. Except maybe interfacing, heh. The snow banks are over 5ft high here right now although I hear we are getting an ice storm. Blah - but at least it means cozy inside time. I'm trying to get E to the hobbit this weekend as our outing. I love your Mom's scarf btw - Great pattern. Merry Christmas if I don't talk to you before! - Jess

Anonymous said...

I'm off on a different topic - but have you read Gray Matter by Dr. Levy? I know you are an avid reader and this a "must read". Merry Christmas! - Sandy

Kathy said...

This makes me think of the many years my mom and I sold at craft shows. She was such an excellent quilter. It was always fun.

As for ironing and baking... both of those are waiting for me in the kitchen. *sigh*