Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas 2013

Christmas was a lovely day. Everyone enjoyed the presents, breakfast, winter hike, and the delightful evening at Auntie C's and Uncle JK's.

I enjoyed our tree this year and the round crochet ornaments, wool birds, and red and silver balls.
I was ready to spend Christmas entirely in my chair, sipping tea, and rejoicing that I made it this far. The kids were the opposite -- fireballs of energy just waiting to jump into the excitement.

Our traditional Christmas breakfast:

Laura opens the crochet doll and wardrobe of dresses that Rachel made her:

James and David were thrilled with the Lord of the Rings pirate ship they got.

Everyone enjoyed Polly's excitement. (oh, and do you see my red shoes? I've been looking for them forever and found a nice, bright red leather pair at Goodwill just in time for Christmas!)

Dolly did well this Christmas and she finally has something other than her purple pajama to wear!

Laura also got a doctor kit for her doll. Very appropriate for Laura. She's very interested in these things.

And baby got a pink cape to match her mommy's:

As usual, we took time out to watch the Queen's speech:

I already posted about our Christmas hike. After that we headed to Christina's where her house was bursting with festiveness.

Just look at the table!!!!

I loved the blue and green theme with the plaid:

Of course baby Arthur was the star attraction!

And Uncle Craig made sure we were well-stocked with eggnog -- I just loved these miniature, one-serving eggnog glasses.

Everyone wore a plaid shirt and we all opened Christmas crackers.

We should have done a Ralph Lauren commercial!

The kids had their own festive table!

We had a delicious dinner of Lake District Soup, gourmet sandwiches, and pink champagne fruit salad.

Fun was had by all! After dinner we all opened stockings which we had each placed something inside.

And, if you were hungry, you could have cookies. We also had Christina's famous Christmas Pudding which flamed up spectacularly.

My baking was hugely scaled back this year due to energy levels. The baking we did do was ALL gluten-free! That was a first. We may continue with this. We had gluten free sugar cookies (made entirely by Andrew), gingerbread men, dood bars, dipped oreos, peanut clusters and shortbread.

And of course there was tea!!!!

Thanks to everyone who made the day special!


Pom Pom said...

Hi Heather! What a happy group. I love your red shoes.

Everyday Things said...

what a lovely family celebration! it looks so cosy and inviting and specail when surrounded by family!

Stephanie said...

Looks like a lovely celebration. So nice your family could all be there together

HeatherMavis said...

You and your family are all so supportive of each other and like minded. I love it that you are so down to earth and yet also enjoy the finer things in life.
You are all people I wish I could know better. I'm thankful to know you even a little.

Everyday Things said...

heather ... what is an egg nog? is it alcoholic? does it have egg in it? I dont think we have anything like this over here.

Sarah McKelvy said...

We watched the Queen's speech as well and had Christmas crackers. This year it was my job to buy them.

jemilyea said...

I've so enjoyed your posts this year. My favorites are Words and Wool, the Tea Trolley posts, and all the glimpses of your Scotland trip. I also like seeing all the tea cozies you have! I currently just use a tea warmer, but I've wondered whether it or a tea cozy would keep my tea hotter.