Monday, March 23, 2015

Mondays are for Grace

"If we are to know rest at all in this life, it will have to be like this -- 
a time when we stop; a time when we celebrate what is, in all its goodness and blessing; 
a time when we suffer or allow some things to still be lacking. 

At its core, to rest is to give thanks for the present and to trust that,
as the future becomes the present, God will supply what we need."

-- Sally Breedlove in Choosing Rest


Heather Anne said...

Pretty flowers and a sweet quote - choosing rest is not easy in this hurry-scurry world, but choose it we must!

Pom Pom said...

Beautiful blooms (my favorite jewelry!)
Great quote, too! Have a happy and content week, Heather! (BIG HUG!)

Anonymous said...

I think I need to read that book! I love the felt flowers too.

Catie said...

Hi! I popped over here from Amy's blog. :) (..a few of my fave things..) Your blog is so pretty! I love your flowers. :)

Lilly's Mom said...

This is such a beautiful quote you have shared. Now I need to put it into practice. The flowers are lovely!

elizabeth said...

Hi!! thanks for your comments today. I totally understand doing NYC in a quiet way. We would not of been able to meet up the week after Easter as the Orthodox Easter is a week later this year (calendar differences) and it will be my Holy Week with tons of services and that as my only focus. so it is! do let me know when you come again, someday I do hope to meet you! do plan *lots* of rest time in your trip to NYC: it's rather overwhelming. About the Strand Bookstore - it's fun! I did not realize right away that they have a bathroom *inside* the store. The Bean coffee shop across the street is nice but has loud music and I find it overwhelming. If you have a smart phone, the google maps for NYC are great. and NYC people while in a rush have always shopped to give me directions when I asked. Have a good, safe and blessed visit! The lion brand studio is a fun place; I've not been to purl so ho (looks pricey but normal for the lines of yarns I think) but hope to someday. God bless you! If you have any questions about NYC that you think I may be able to answer don't be shy to email (roosjeblog AT yahoo DOT CA) :)