Friday, April 22, 2016

Chasing Rainbows and the Queen's 90th Birthday

 For as long as I can remember I've been crazy for rainbows. My kids can expect a "Christmas morning" reaction when I see one and we always run to wherever we can see it best. I think I'm training them too and they are starting to be on the lookout for them!

Yesterday evening I followed one rainbow for an entire hour! I've never seen the like before! I was driving kids from one part of the city to another and the rainbow kept us company the whole time. We started in field country.

Then we were in neighborhoods (how do you like the Indiana log cabin?).

 And a double rainbow appeared at one time:

 Around every corner it seemed to be more beautiful. Sometimes I feel like this is a driving hazard for me. Also note that this rainbow had puffy white clouds at each end just like in little kids' drawings!!

My journey ended at the Indianapolis Museum of Art where the tulips were in fine form.

And the view from the picture window was perfect! What a beautiful gift!

But there was another exciting event yesterday -- Queen Elizabeth celebrated her 90th birthday!!!!!!

We couldn't let that pass without our own celebration. Scones and tea with marmalade for breakfast!

And in the afternoon I shared a Dundee cake with a friend of mine who spent several years in Britain.

And now I am off to watch "Elizabeth at 90". Have a wonderful weekend!


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

It was funny that your Instagram photo of the rainbow was just prior to a photo from Ashley English of a similar rainbow. I know she lives in the Smoky Mountains, I think in North Carolina. It could have been the same weather system. I missed it. Living in a forested area makes it a challenge.

Pom Pom said...

Aw! You're a rainbow girl! I like the Queen, too. I can't believe she's 90.

Anonymous said...

Oh rainbows are magical! I love the one that followed you all day. We had a magical moment, the day we buried a beloved cat, when a rainbow came to rest on our car. Yes, there is a lot to be said for rainbows. Winifred Nicholson was fascinated by them and towards the end of her life worked with a prism. The Queen is pretty amazing, she does actually work very hard. A lot of people think she will be sending herself a telegram in 10 years' time! Part of that may be that it's hard to imagine her not being around. In my daughter's words, "Oh yeah - the Queen isn't actually immortal."