Monday, October 23, 2017

September and into October

September flew into October and we are finally enjoying our fall break after the first eleven weeks of the school year. 

We managed to keep up a constant stream of hatching butterflies during September. It was so fun to have nature right in our own dining room and watch everyone's excitement when a new chrysalis or butterfly appeared.

Andrew turned 15 on the last day of August. He's had fun being on the JV soccer team at Covenant. Soccer occupies all of his spare time. Andrew is most excited right now because the varsity soccer team has made it to the State championships! 

September saw the final golf matches of Rachel's high school career. I will miss my two-hour vacations twice weekly in the fall (i.e. time on the golf course).

Cousin Olivia managed to come to a match one afternoon!

 I started up my art classes the first week of September and had five classes running for six weeks! It was a lot of fun, not to mention a lot of work, and I can't wait for the next round of classes to start. I'm going to have a short session in November and then start up longer sessions in February and April.

I loved watching the kids get excited about nature and then see how they translated that to artwork in their sketchbooks.

We had a beautiful rainbow one evening. September was unusually hot and we had to have our air-conditioning running most of the month. We were all glad when rain finally showed up and the weather cooled down a bit.

 We took our traditional trip to the apple orchard and enjoyed the company of friends!

Rachel sang and played violin in the fall music concert. She loves choir so much. (She is fourth from the left in the front row.)

It's hard to believe this is Rachel's last year of high school. College applications have been sent and now we have to wait to see how everything pans out!

Everyone loves when cousin Olivia comes around. Laura has to make up for not having a younger sibling.

James had a milestone birthday at the end of September -- the big 13!

Instead of a birthday party we planned a day trip to Chicago to visit the Art Institute. We specifically went to see the armor collection but enjoyed lots of other artwork as well!

I loved seeing this self-portrait by Vincent Van Gogh in person. The colors were so vibrant!

And this was my favorite of the various Monets on display:

The armor collection was pretty incredible and definitely enjoyed by all!

We have been studying Rome in school so it was fun to see some amazing Roman mosaics.

The kids really loved the collection of miniature rooms in the basement.

After the museum we walked around a bit and enjoyed some of the iconic displays/works of art that are around.

It seems this "bean" appears in everyone's pictures:

While sitting on a bench watching the kids play at the fountain I looked down and saw the most beautiful reflection in a puddle. Amazing where one can find beauty......

James thoroughly enjoyed his special day out and I think he can't wait to go again!

Another visit from Olivia!

Of course everyone wants their turn to hold her!

 This year the fall foliage has been hugely disappointing -- especially following on after the incredible fall we experienced last year. I took this two weeks ago. Many of the trees turned brown and dropped their leaves due to the lack of rain in September. I suppose we can't have an incredible display every single year.

Grandpa stopped by with a present for James' birthday -- just what James was hoping for.

And so we made it to the end of another school term.

It's hard to believe that the holidays are just around the corner -- only seven weeks to go after fall break until we hit winter break. It makes going back to school just a little bit easier!


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Your kids are growing so fast! Although I think next year is Elisabeth's last year of school and David will follow soon after that. They cannot possibly be that old or that means I'm getting old(er). ;)

Amy Marie said...

Lovely! :D I really loved that last picture's art! So fun and whisical, Your Rachel looks SO old! Does she have plans for what she wants to go to college for? :)

Pom Pom said...

The fall DOES fly by, doesn't it? I love all your photos! Busy family life at its finest!

Gumbo Lily said...

That was a fun post! The Van Gogh is really SO vibrant. I hadn't realized it until seeing your photo. You've got a busy homelife.