Tuesday, September 10, 2019

September Update

I have the pictures ready, but no time yet, to start posting about my summer travels. Instead life has been happening full speed around here. The kids are adjusting well to the school year and I am very thankful. I needed room to breathe and it came just in time. School sports are filling up the after school hours and eating up tank after tank of gas. But it's probably the only season I'll have all four kids in sports, and we did actually "choose" to do this, for important reasons.

The colors in my neglected garden are just incredibly gorgeous right now: jewel-like tones. I can't stop staring at the flowers when I'm sitting in the living room. And the sound of the crickets outside -- it's one of the most comforting sounds I personally know. It makes me feel relaxed and calm.

Random things have popped into our schedule: a trip to Chicago last week to visit friends who blessed with a vacuum we needed (and then more things like blue and white china and an oil painting), helping family with various needs, our first family bike ride on Labor Day(!), trying to get a tennis racket re-strung and then again, daydreaming about the building our church is about to lease after 13 years of looking, ordering book after book from the library for "London trip research," teaching a young friend to knit, daily going over the schedules of who goes where at what time and with what car and which parent, being given homegrown pears, celebrating a son's 17th birthday.

Life is a daily choosing to rest, mentally and physically, in the midst of real dilemmas, joys, heartaches, and hard work. Every day is a challenge in this way!

It's time for me to pack up and head out the door. I'm looking forward to those trip posts, when the time appears!


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Your schedule reminds me of a good friend who is a farm wife. She actually looks forward to South Dakota blizzards because it gives them permission to relax for awhile. They only grow crops and not livestock so they do not have to get out in the cold. I am looking forward to the photos!

Marie said...

Whew!! You are busy! What a gorgeous flower arrangement in that blue and white china. Just lovely. I, too, look forward to seeing your photos, as the UK holds a special place in my heart. I don't mind the sound of crickets outdoors, but we have a couple in the house right now and the sound is driving me crazy :-) Enjoy your day.