Monday, August 10, 2020

August, School, and How Long Will This Schedule Last?

Looking back at pictures for this week reminded me that it was a full week. As usual I was at the floral shop on Monday:

These flowers from my own garden made me happy all week sitting on the coffee table.

I got in my three walks with a neighbor. Sometimes we see exciting wildlife like deer or bunnies, always lots of birds.

We had more butterflies hatching! I can't get over how tiny the wings are when they first hatch and how big they become within an hour.

After a lot of hard work I got my new website ready to launch! And two online nature journaling classes available for purchase!

The first class will be six weeks long and will cover September/October (late summer flowers, butterflies, insects, seeds, etc). I'll be sending out videos each week and virtual nature walks as well as instructions and pdf's. My classes will also meet for discussion via Zoom each week. I'm excited!

You can find more about them here on my website.

The second class will be four weeks in Oct/Nov and cover fall foliage! Looking forward to this!

I also took photos and uploaded a bunch of products to my online shop.

I have milkweed greeting cards and milkweed giclee fine art prints. They make me happy.

I also have a brand new set of cards with artwork celebrating the historic Washington Heights community in New York City.

Thursday found me back at the flower shop with lots of flowers! AND it was the first day of high school for James and David! David is a freshman this year and James a junior. So far they have had three days of school in person! Long may this continue!

I was blessed to be served dinner by a friend one evening. The beauty and deliciousness of the food ministered to my soul, not to mention the conversation.

I think it was my week of food blessings as a total of four different friends/family sent things our way. One day at lunch my walking friend delivered green beans (incredible!) and a tasty lentil soup. Such a treat!

Friday movie night came and Michael agreed to let us watch Julia & Julie. It was good to enjoy a foodie movie.

Saturday I had the joy of creating a tea party reunion for our Sketching England group.

We had a tea party on the lawn!

And there were flowers, mostly from the garden, to decorate.

And some very beautiful food that made me happy. It was so good to see our group together again and to hear everyone's plans for the upcoming year.

James has made his own masks for school -- one for each day -- and the dragons snap on and off for easy washing!

Our monarch chrysalis' decorated our Sunday table. They make me so happy.

And now we are into a another week! (PS: It seems I should have called this post "things that make me happy"! ha ha! I could also say "things that I am grateful for")

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