Saturday, May 23, 2020

Life on the Home Front: End of School

We are officially done with the school year! Hooray! Now for summer -- which may be more involved for me because there is no online school to occupy the kids for a few hours each day. Laura and I are going to brainstorm activities on Monday.

We made Laura her own "room" for the summer in part of our loft. She loves it and we love it. All of us want it for our own room. And she gets to sleep with a portrait of Grandma Laura above her bed.

We got a few senior pics taken of Drew -- at least enough to send one to the school and have something to work with if we need invitations for an open house later in the summer. Maybe we will get around to taking some more.

 I had a great day at the flower shop on Monday creating 40 bouquets. I loved the bright yellow pop of the Billy balls in these bouquets.

And then there were moodier red, white, and blue versions.

The day I've been waiting for has arrived: Laura has decided to read the Anne of Green Gables books this summer. Phew! I was worried she would never choose to read these. It should be a good summer!

I am working hard on my art this summer. I've been taking online workshops with John Muir Laws and Wendy Hollender. I'm nearly finished with this five-painting commission which is being turned in to cards and prints.

I'm also enjoying my in-person class. Last week was drawing, this week was portrait painting and I tried gouache. Next week will be oils!

And I need to keep up with the nature journaling too! Got the lily of the valley in before it died. The bloom life seemed so short this year.

And Friday we said goodbye to the school year. Laura graduated from elementary to middle school (heading into 5th grade). David said goodbye to middle school and heads to high school in July. James is done being a lower classman and looks forward to being a high school junior in July. Drew was still sleeping when we took this picture.

I spend a little time each evening crocheting while we watch an episode of something. I'm glad my arms have improved and I'm not in so much pain (sadly, it means no black tea again). I've been cranking out a lot of tea cozies!!!

Drew is happy to be DONE with high school!!!

 I've been so eager to create some beauty to photograph and managed to get the chance Friday afternoon. It made my heart so happy and full to be surrounded by beauty.

And bunting.....bunting is the best.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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GrammaGrits said...

Why stopping the black tea? Was there a connection between your pain and the tea? Curious since I love black tea leaves mixed with jasmine and green for my main tea.