Monday, July 13, 2020

It's a Hot July!

I had the week off from my flower work this past week. So I gave myself the special treat of going to Goodwill Outlet with a friend. I didn't realize until I got home how many wonderful things ended up in my cart! I had to record it in my gratefulness journal:

Here's my cart part way through the morning. For some reason it's very relaxing for me to cull through all the bins at goodwill looking for random things. 

I've started walking three mornings a week with some neighborhood friends. We start early to avoid the heat and walk about 5 miles. 

I spent quite a few hours going through 17 years of family photos this week in preparation for Drew's upcoming graduation celebration. There were plenty of fun memories to re-discover and lots of records of creative projects to re-inspire me.

I loved this pic of James having tea with me at one of the most fabulous tea experiences ever on the Isle of Skye.

The milkweed is still blooming and I love watching all the bug life enjoying it too!

And the Queen Anne's Lace is just stunning every where I look!

I had a second day off of the flower shop and devoted a few hours to painting. I had fun with this gouache milkweed.

And I loved recording the Queen Anne's Lace and teasel this way:

And I couldn't leave me two hollyhocks out! (The art is for sale: Milkweed 8x10 $100; all the others are 5x7 and $50)

One morning I walked by myself down to the reservoir and back. It looked like I'd flown away to a vacation. 

Saturday the girls and I attended a lovely shower for a friend's daughter and I brought the flowers.

I failed to take any other pics of the shower but it was one of the first for Laura to be able to attend. She enjoyed it!

Sunday, after church, we went to a friend's open house.The sky was just gorgeous and for once I wasn't driving so I could take pictures for future painting! Look at that cloud!

And now a new week is here.....

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Shirley in Washington said...

So far our summer has been cooler than normal here in my little corner of Washington. Walking five miles 3 mornings a week is amazing! Most of the fairs, festivals and summer events have been cancelled here in Washington. Kind of sad but it does seem to open up the summer to more simple pursuits. Blessings, Shirley