Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Duck

My Dad made Andrew a flying duck for his birthday and brought it over on Monday for Andrew

When Grandma came the next day to help around the house it was her job to have the children paint the duck

I never took a picture of the finished product, but it looks terrific! I'll have to include it in a later post.

We've completed our first two days of school this Fall! So far things are going well and I am able to monitor from the couch in the loft where we do school. I haven't taken the "first day of school" pictures yet, but maybe sometime soon.

Fall is not here yet -- the weather is still very hot. But, my family gave me two beautiful mums and we have squash on the table with the apple-cider flavored candles. So, with the air-conditioning on, we can pretend it is Fall!


Heather Anne said...

Hi Heather! I am just popping over from Coffee Tea Books and Me to say hello!
I've enjoyed looking through your blog, and I've loved your foodie pictures! Yummy! Just think, god could have made food all grey and tasteless, but He delighted to please us with colour and fragrance to entice our appitites! What a great God!

I am also a chronic illness sufferer - mine is liver disease for which there is no treatment and no cure (until I get 'really sick' and am eligable for a transplant). I have other health issues (including fibromyalgia) as well, but it's my big energy zapper at present.

My hubby is a former pastor and we homeschool our two blessings, ages 7 & 9, so I am able to relate to some of your struggle.

My family is 12 hours away and my husband's family, who used to live in our present hometown are deceased, so I am learning to cope without the support group I long for. I am learning to budget my energies and rely on the Lord for strength, but I'm a slow learner!

Perhaps we can be an encouragement to one another!

I pray you are feeling better today!

I just 'ordered' the Pantry book at the library last week, so now that I've read your praises, I am hoping it comes soon!


Anonymous said...

The mother duck to your duck wants to come over and get prettied up by your children. She feels dull and boring after seeing how beautiful her offspring is. Would your children want to paint again?