Friday, September 21, 2007

This and That

Here is a collection of pictures from the week. First off, my dear sister Emily is always doing nice things for us. She works at Starbucks in the early mornings before school and one day this week she brought home a drink she had concocted for me. Right now I can't have any caffeine or any sugar/sweetner. So, she made up a drink with steamed milk, a tiny bit of decaf coffee and pumpkin pie spice on top. It tasted great (since I haven't had the real stuff to know the difference) and I felt like I wasn't totally missing out on the pumpkin Starbucks drinks. :)

My Mom brought me this lovely package on Tuesday. She had been shredding things at the supermarket where she works (she's in the floral dept.) and while taking things to the shredder discovered a whole slew of discarded envelopes from the greeting card racks. Her boss was happy for her to have them, and she shared some of them with me! Yeah for card-making supplies!
Baby David is so into purses right now! He likes to wear this one around his neck and will get Grandma's old red cast-off purse that Rachel now owns and carry that one around at the same time. David is now saying his first word, which is "eye."
Grandma and the kids took a walk down our neighborhood trail on Tuesday and came back with these lovely wildflowers.
And here is the picture of the bloggy prize I recently won!!! Being new to blogging, I'm amazed at how many bloggy giveaways there are. My new blogging friend Jess decided to send me a prize for being the first to attempt to guess her little son's first word (the word was Dexter -- their pet bunny). I did not get the word right, but Jess still sent me a prize.
Jess came up with a terrific prize for me, and those of you who have known me for a long time will wonder just how she managed to send such a perfect gift for me.
Inside the box was a note written on some scrap paper that had a pencil sketch from her village in Maine. Beside the note was a little bundle of treasures tied up in a beautiful linen cloth that Jess had hand-embroidered with a picture from the Runaway Bunny book. (Jess is good at embroidery and sewing and crafting) Inside the cloth were two beautiful stones from the coast of Maine (which I long to re-visit), a teabag or spoon holder and a bag of tea. This teabag holder is just what I've been needing as I 've been driving my family crazy leaving my half-used teabags out on the counter in the hopes that I will make another cup later. And, now that I've finally taken the picture, I can enjoy that teabag! Many thanks again, Jess!

Today I finally finished up this little pink cardigan that I have been knitting for a new baby in church. I LOVE the color pink that this yarn came in. The feel of the yarn is very nice too -- I had to knit it double as the yarn was too thin for my pattern. It came out a nice "jacket" weight for fall.

And that is all for now. The week has not been as good energy-wise as last week. But, maybe with resting this week I'll be a bit improved next week. :)


Jessica said...

your pictures came out great! and david is sooo cute : ) funny story... kevin was just reading over my shoulder and half saw the picture of the things i sent and said 'wow thats a nice drawing' hah.. yes dear.. its yours : ) he is still laughing about it. oh dear, enjoy and have a lovely weekend!

Karen Winslow said...

Hi Heather...I LOVE your blog, and I am signed up for updates. Your photographs are wonderful, and all of the food looks yummy. It will be fun to stay in touch, see new photos of the kids and attempt some of the recipes! Keep it up, and hugs to all. Aunt Karen

Karen Winslow said...

Hi Heather, Your blog is wonderful, and it is great to see your beautiful family. I hope that your health continues to improve. You are a terrific photographer....and the food look incredible! Hugs to all! Aunt Karen