Monday, September 14, 2009

Saturday Wedding

Saturday morning we attended a beautiful wedding outdoors.

The weather was perfect, the flowers and dresses gorgeous, and the people happy:

And the couple was happy too:

The reception was on a great big lawn, with plenty of room for the adults to sit and chat and the children to run and play.

It is always fun to see the rings:

And now the week is ahead of us. My oven broke over the weekend, so I'll be needing to sort that out. A broken oven is highly inconvenient, especially when one has a lot planned to bake! :) Hopefully things will sort out quickly.


Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

I noticed the groom had a wardrobe change somewhere along the line. Did they get to exit under crossed swords by any chance?

Beautiful couple!

Amy K said...

Oh Heather, so sorry about your oven! Hope it can be resolved soon. It's a fairly new one too, right? :-/

Thanks for posting pics. The flowers are absolutely gorgeous. I love all the bright, vibrant colors. How beautiful.

willow said...

Oh dear, a broken oven in a foodie household, hope you get it fixed soon. When mine broke I found out just how many different meals you can make in a crockpot so some good came out of the inconvenience!

Ruth MacC said...

She is a beautiful bride, the flowers are greal, along with the dress... and the rings!

They look very handsome together.

Is that your sister in the photo taking a photo of the bride and groom sitting down?