Tuesday, September 29, 2009

James' Birthday

James celebrated his 5th birthday this past Saturday. We promised him a trip to the apple orchard to pick apples.

It was a gorgeous day, and there were tons of apples. We all had fun!

Note David's hilarious pose:

There were some wonderful squashes to purchase at the orchard store:

And I couldn't resist this huge Cushaw which is destined to become pies, I think:

We happened to go to the orchard on the weekend of their Fall Fest, so there was lots going on. Suze came along for the ride and helped with all the kids:

Then James amazed us all by learning to ride his bike on his birthday!

Presents were so much anticipated that we had to do them before the cake:

Lightening McQueen is the star of the show:

At James' request we had apple cake:

We love you James!!!!! You are a sweetheart!


The syders said...

What a lovely Day...Happy Birthday to James!

willow said...

Looks like a great birthday trip.

What lovely apple trees with branches so low that even a small child can pick. The trees in orchards here are pruned to a more uniform shape, possibly for more efficient picking which is less important if you are able to pick your own.

We picked our Bramleys on Sunday but there were not that many. It was a good year last year, maybe the tree needs a rest. Have you thought about getting a couple of apple trees of your own to add to your garden?

Lovella ♥ said...


Oh what fun. . .your little brood is growing so quickly. . .

I love it that he learned to ride his bike on his birthay. He'll always know that important little fact when he grows up.

Rachel L said...

Happy Birthday James! Lovely pictures of the orchard and the birthday. Lightening McQueen is a member of our family, too. :o)
Rachel L