Monday, November 16, 2009

Christmas Flowers

The first batch of Christmas flowers are off to the shop. I love the candy cane colors of these:

Of course we needed to have red and green as well:

And a few more "wintery" ones -- the minis are especially soft and cozy since they are made from cashmere.
They are now all packaged up and off and I've started on round 2.

Life has been busy around here with showers, baptisms, company, school, church, crafts, and cooking, cooking, cooking. Hopefully I'll have more time this week to post!


Rachel L said...

These are lovely Heather! I hope you sell them all!
Rachel L

Monica said...

Miriam enjoyed learning how to make these. Earlier today Betsy came down with her own flowers made out of a sock. According to her, it didn't have a match:)

willow said...

Lovely, Heather - I particularly like the soft white and blue wintery ones.

Lovella ♥ said...

Oh they are beautiful.. just so much prettier than christmas corsages from yesteryear.
I need to learn to do that. It looks like the loveliest craft.