Thursday, November 19, 2009

Saturday Shower

It's the season for hospitality around here! This past Saturday we hosted a baby shower brunch for a friend.

There was plenty of good food. Sticky Buns:

Gluten-free pumpkin bars (which taste just as good to gluten-eaters as to gluten-freers):
Scones of various assortment:

And cream puff swans:

Pumpkin yeast bread was baked for favors:

And we had a number of kinds of quiche to eat as well:

I didn't get a picture of everyone sitting in the front room eating their food and sipping tea, but this is what the set-up looked like afterward:

And now we all just have to wait a few more months to meet the baby girl we were celebrating.

Today the kids and I headed off to the International Festival here in town. It was so much fun and I took a lot of pictures to post soon. And I still need to tell you all about Baby John's baptism on Sunday. Life is busy!


Lovella ♥ said...

I always love looking at your party food .. it never dissapoints.
what do you do with your furniture for these teas? I can just imagine your husbands face when you say .. fantastic news darling. .we are having another tea.

StephanieK said...

Heather - I seriously thought you could only BUY one of those swan cream puffs. I never knew anyone who could actually make one. Well done and...uhhh can you teach me?!?! I want to impress my Mother-In-Law...teehee!