Thursday, December 2, 2010

First of December

The kids and I sat down last week to sketch out a rough idea of what our December should look like. All important events were noted, including decorating the house, making ornaments, making presents, making candy cane cookies, decorating sugar cookies, birthday celebrations, and the annual "Hogmanay" house cleaning. There's lots to look forward to.

We woke up December 1 to a white start for the month. It seemed the perfect thing for December 1st. Of course our snowfall looks extremely pitiful compared with the snowfall in the UK right now!

The advent calendars are all being opened each morning. Such a long tradition beginning with my grandmother. This year my mom helped the kids each make a new one to add to the collection. This one has always been my favorite:

Plaid is everywhere in the magazines and Christina and I are totally in the spirit. New tea cozies were a must. Michael is glad for something more masculine than the usual floral cozy. It pairs well with the plaid shirt I recently came upon for him.

Our table looked festive tonight, despite the house being a wreck from the decorations everywhere. I liked the red wool sweater draped over the brown chair. Red, green, silver and brown are the colors I'm aiming for this year.

I hope your Decembers are off to a good start!


Heather said...

I like your clean new format - it's nice to make changes now and again isn't it! I miss you profile picture though!
Our Christmas boxes are still in the attic they will come down tonight and we'll make our home cheery for the season tonight!

Candice said...

I love your posterboard December calendar with all the activities marked so clearly! I think we'll make one tomorrow. Thanks for the great idea! :)