Friday, December 10, 2010

O Christmas Tree

Today the children and I headed out into the country to cut down a Christmas tree.

It's amazing how beautiful it gets when you leave the city and large towns behind.

We took a tractor ride out to the tree fields and began the choosing:

Winter skies never cease to amaze me. They are the one thing that makes me feel an urge to paint.
Hiding in the gumdrop trees. I think the kids would have liked to get one of those.

The scenery kept getting more and more beautiful as the sun sank.

The colors are spectacular in the winter.

Finally one was chosen and everyone had to take a turn cutting it down.

And then we headed back.

Laura met her goal yesterday and today for "hydration", but we really need to start getting the ounces up there for nutrition. So far, she's only thrown up twice today, which is an improvement. Hopefully things will continue to progress well.


Margaret said...

We're still praying for you all and Laura. Have fun trimming the tree!

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Painting urges due to winter scenery: me too. Some day there will be time...