Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Day of Joy

Sunday was certainly a joyous day! To begin with, there was the resurrection of the Lord Jesus to celebrate, and then worship to enjoy, and then a great big feast with family and good fellowship all afternoon long.

Rachel worked hard on these flower cupcakes for Easter lunch:

Hot cross buns are a tradition in our house:

Christina and JK hosted us and we were treated to a beautiful and delicious feast, beginning with yogurt creams, mimosas, muffins, and homemade donuts.

Spring flowers were everywhere:

I finally tried Paska for the first time and now know why Lovella's family is always asking her to make it. It is delicious!!! The perfect accompaniment to tea (or a meal as we had it), and several of us wanted it for dessert as well. You can find Lovella's recipe here.

Here was the table with the appetizers:

And then the tables decorated for us to eat our meal:

Everything was festive and looked like spring:

Here is Laura sporting her new spring jacket, standing by the chair that was her grandmother's:

All the children together. Laura came down with a virus that has brought out blisters on her lips. Poor thing does not look very good in the pictures:

Laura wearing a white dress from Italy that I found for about $1 in a charity shop in Scotland over eight years ago, hoping for a little girl to wear it someday.

Lunch was delicious: ham, quiches of all sorts, strawberry-spinach salad, paska, hot cross buns, gluten-free scones, asparagus, and fruit salad.

The Easter Bunny made an appearance:

Here's the food:

And someone put together baskets for all the children:

I secretly knitted John a chicken with little chicks underneath. I love the face!!!
A hen hat is a good idea:

Easter goodies:

Happy faces:

Time for the Easter egg hunt:

John was pleased to get into his boots and tramp about in the yard:

Christina's tree was blossoming:

Yes, it was a rainy day, with a few breaks in the clouds:

Laura with her new hairband:

I love this picture of the two of us:

Big brother takes a turn:

Lots of pictures of Laura,

My favorite picture of the day!!!! Isn't it wonderful!!!!!

Oh, yes, and then there was dessert: cheesecake, cupcakes, and lemon-meringue ice-cream pie!

Rachel's hard work paid off:

The lemon meringue ice-cream pie:

And, we made chocolate easter eggs for later on. Christina and I have a memory of going to someone's house to make these when we were young. We decided to recreate the recipe this year and had so much fun doing so.

We made peanut butter, lime-coconut, and maple-walnut.

And here's the hen with one of her chicks:

Thanks Christina for all the lovely memories!!!

And now, Michael arrives home in just a few hours and tomorrow Laura TURNS ONE!!!!!!


Lovella ♥ said...

OH goodness ...I had to turn the screen so that T could see too. Your family does the best food ..and has the best ideas.
We at least had several things the very same. ..Hot cross buns and paska. .but seriously ..how does Rachel do those cupcakes. .artistry runs in you girls deep.
The picture of your mom and her girls is beautiful ..so precious.
OH ..and the hen and chick. .okay ..seriously cute. And ..Laura's sweater is just gorgeous. You continue to amaze me.

southseaislandhome said...

Wow! Heather! You constantly amaze me with your cooking and your decorating and your way of making everything look like it came straight out of a home magazine. It is so beautiful - I want to eat it right out of the computer. Those marshmellow cupcakes are hard to make - I did them once for a birthday and it took me ages, and those ones look so pretty with the colouring on the petals. I'm going to try that recipe you recomended.
Love the photo of you with your sisters and Mother and Laura.

Jessica said...

So..what does it take to get invited to your house for holidays! I love the chicken, the deserts, flowers...felt like I was there.

Take care,

Heather said...

Goodness - so much beauty and talent in one post! I see 'handmade with love' everywhere and it's perfect - the perfect celebration of family and the Resurrection! Joy! You inspire me every time I drop in for a visit!

Amy K said...

Such a great story about Laura's dress. You will have to save it for her to give her daughter one day! I bet you never thought at the time that it would fit your second daughter perfectly on Easter 2011. :)

Candice said...

Well done, Rachel! Your cupcakes were beautiful!