Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How I Got the Garage Fridge

We realized this year that the time has come where we need a refrigerator in our garage. Our in-kitchen fridge just isn't cutting it when we have company, or want to go to Costco. I knew it might be a bit of a chore getting one, but I had no idea it would be something like this.........

Because of sickness, we stayed home from family camp this week and I thought it would be the time to get a fridge.

Checking Craig's List yesterday I found one that would work, called the guy, and made arrangements to go and see it at 7:30. He said he needed it gone that day, if possible, maybe the next morning. So, I set off to find a way to get it to our house.

Up north in the afternoon, I called a friend to see if I could borrow her truck. She was very happy to loan it and proceeded to teach me how to drive this vintage piece of equipment. Pump the gas thrice, turn it over, "feel" where the automatic gears are, and don't go above 40 mph, and roll the windows down because there is no a/c.

I hopped in and had my first truck driving experience getting the truck all the way home, stopping to get cash on the way.

Next I called my neighbor who said she had a dolly I could use. Her husband answered and told me, "Oh sure, you can use it, as long as you don't need to move a fridge." Oooppppsss......I then proceeded to call the Lowes and Uhaul's in our area. No one was open, or had a dolly to rent. Then, we called a friend who lives far away to see if we could borrow theirs. They "just happened" to be driving by our house in the next 30 minutes and could drop it off! Whew!!!

Then I called to see if another neighbor could watch the children while we picked the fridge up. No problem!

Opened the lid to the crockpot and noticed that it must have been unplugged sometime around lunch. Oh well. Eggs for dinner was fine.

A quick call to confirm that we were on our way was made to the fridge owner and that's when the plan fell apart. "Well, I sold it 10 minutes ago." "What?????" "I'm sorry, I let my girlfriend take care of it." You can't imagine how frustrating! AFter all that work!!!!

Anyway, I went upstairs and scoured Craig's List and eventually found another fridge, about 25 miles south. Michael kindly left on the journey, which normally takes us about 30-35 minutes. Three hours later the dear man was back with my fridge! And that is how we finally got a fridge for the garage.

And now to take the truck back.......


Jessica said...

That is so funny - and frustrating! Glad you got your fridge. I used to drive an old 1986 Sky Blue Ford Ranger (big blue) that I painted daisies onto to cover the rust. That was my favorite vehicle! No one could drive it but me because it was so finicky.

Heather said...

I love having a second fridge and it really makes sense for your size of family and with all the hospitality you extend! I am sure it will be a blessing to you - and you certainly have a funny story to tell about it's acquisition! My biggest problem with a second fridge is that once in a while I forget something is in it and forget to put it out for our company. I've learned to make a list of what I plan to serve and which fridge I've stored it in! We ate cole slaw for two weeks because I forgot to serve it once! All evening I kept thinking 'what have I forgotten' but it wasn't until we were putting leftovers away that I remembered the salad - oh well.