Thursday, July 14, 2011

Running Through The Week

Life has been so busy that I haven't blogged much. I thought I would jot down a few things quickly, before time gets away from me:

- I've been hit by a summer cough/fever. Fortunately, I think the worst is over, but it is never fun to be sick. I'm hoping no one else catches it!

- the kids are in VBS every morning this week, leaving me 3 free hours! Wow! Can't believe how nice that is! I've been trying to get my school planning done for this coming year.

- three of our silkworms are now in their cocoons and the fourth one didn't get his spun in time....Since it takes 250 cocoons to make one ounce of silk, we won't be getting is nice that I don't have to feed them twice daily now. It's been a big chore since they hatched in May.

- our tadpole has grown back legs and we are waiting for the front, trying to decide if we should take him with us next week when we go out of town for church camp?

- my squash and cucumber plants are producing lots of flowers and no fruit. I guess we don't have enough bees so I'm going to try and attract some.

- I am watching "Land Girls" by the BBC while sewing flowers at night. I just finished an order for 1 dozen and am filling another order for 2 dozen before sewing some for the shop closeby.

- Laura is all about climbing on and off her little riding toy

- Rachel finished her 4-H dress and looks so pretty in it! Much time has been spent trying to get the 4-H projects ready for judging this week. Four drives to the 4-H grounds this week (20+ minutes away).

- Looking forward to church camp next week as long as the others don't get sick

- Cleaned the children's bookshelves and found several missing library books!

- Reading "The Winter Garden", "The Praying Life", "A Little History of the World", "Howard's End", "Counterfeit Gods", and "A New England Girlhood."

- drinking homemade ginger and lemon tea and thinking of the Vietnamese girl who lived with us when I was a child and used to make stewed lemons and honey when we were sick. I wonder how to make that now?

- about to calligraphy name places for a wedding.......

- must get organized for David's and my mom's birthdays

- must stop and get ready for the day!


Anne said...

Wow Heather, I need a nap after reading that! How do you keep up? I went in and helped Harriett at the yarn shop. She has ordered sooo many nice things. I am concentrating on finishing a few quilting projects. Take care of yourself!

Jessica said...

You are a busy mom! My friend Clara (half Korean) used to make lemon, ginger and honey tea, too. What we do is squeeze and slice into a few sections a couple of lemons (peel and all), toss them in a pot of water with some sliced and peeled ginger.

Let it simmer for a while then add honey to taste. I just leave it all in the pot in the fridge and heat and strain when needed. The taste gets stronger with time. Makes great popsicles too.

Jessica said...

I bet substituting mint for ginger would work to...

Anonymous said...

How did the kids get on with their 4H projects?