Monday, August 1, 2011

First of August

It's the first of August already! We've had hot weather for so long that in some ways it already does feel like the middle of August.

We are "back" from our staycation. We had a wonderful time! I can't wait to tell you more about our trip up north to stay with our Amish friends, as well as our behind-the-scenes visit to a thrift store.

The garden is looking great despite the weather. We have a sunflower that is about 9 feet tall and we have so many different varieties of birds coming to the garden. It is so much fun! I have more flowers than ever blooming and that means I can pick more to bring inside. The zinnias have just started and are lovely! Our silkworms have hatched from their cocoons and are now moths and our little tadpole has changed into a tree frog and gone to his new home by the pond.

Laura is doing well -- almost 19 pounds now! She got her very first pair of shoes today and hopefully that will help to stabilize her so she can walk more on her own.

This week I'm trying to get a bunch of housework projects done, including cleaning the carpet. I got the living room done today and I think it might have worked! We'll see when it is dry.

I'm also back to knitting now that my latest flower order is complete. Can't wait to show you, but since they are mostly gifts....I'll have to wait a little.

I have about 10 or 15 blog posts I want to write to catch up, but we'll see how much time I get. Last night I had to buy more space so I could actually upload photos?! Never heard of that on blogger before but I guess it happens.

I hope you all are staying cool and enjoying summer (or winter if you are on the other side of the world. :)


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I had to buy more space last year. At least they don't charge very much.

So glad Laura is doing good. A lot of prayer went into that little girl. :)

southseaislandhome said...

I had to do that recently too. Maybe we all started blogging on blogger at around the same time.
Can't wait to hear about your trip to your Amish friends, and the flowers look pretty. I actually had to buy hothouse flowers the other day because I just needed some fresh flowers in the house - looking forward to Spring down here. :o)

willow said...

I had to buy space just a few weeks ago, we must all be reaching the limit at the same time.

Your flowers look good. Its been very dry here and I am spending quite a lot of time each evening filling and refilling the watering can to try to keep the plants healthy.