Tuesday, August 30, 2011

From The Shelf

I would love to be posting more about the books I'm reading because I always find it so helpful when others share with me books I might enjoy. Maybe I can start a new habit this fall......

Tender -- by Nigel Slater. Slater is perhaps my most favorite food writer of all. He is so talented with words. This book is all about his garden, season-by-season, vegetable-by-vegetable, with plenty of recipes. Love it!

Organized Simplicity -- by Tsh Oxenreider. Brenda recommended this book and I am finding it a great read! So far I've covered family goals, money organization, and use of time. Oxenreider's aim is to help you achieve a simple lifestyle that aids in reaching your family's goals.

The Knitter's Year -- by Debbie Bliss. Lots of little projects organized by season. There are so many things in this book that appeal to me and it is relaxing just to flip through and look at the serene photos throughout.

The Gentle Art of Quiltmaking -- by Jane Brocket. I have loved all of Brocket's books so far. The Gentle Art of Knitting is sitting by my bedside right now. Reading Quiltmaking, I was so tempted to start making a quilt right away. Brocket's ideas are beautiful!

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southseaislandhome said...

The organization book sounds great - I think I need that! Do you find Debbie Bliss's patterns easy to follow? Every one that I've tried has been difficult - I do love her patterns though - such lovely ideas, but I'm never sure whether to try them now in case I get stuck.