Saturday, January 28, 2012

Embracing Winter: Bring Nature Inside

One of my favorite ways of beating the winter blues is to bring nature inside the house. It is amazing how frequently Europeans buy flowers for their houses. But, they know that the money spent on flowers is well-invested because of the joy it brings to otherwise dark and gloomy days.

I know most of us don't have a flower budget, as much as we'd like to have one. Keep your eyes open -- you may find some good bargains like these primroses, on sale for 99 cents each this week at Aldi. They make me happy everytime I look at them!

If there are no flowers around, think about sticks! A stick tree is fun and you can leave it plain or hang anything you like on it -- birds, popcorn, valentines..... I even put water in the vase in hopes that the branches might actually bud one day.

Get everyone drawing: draw winter scenes and spring scenes, animals, flowers, winter skies, winter food, garden plans.....

If only I had thought ahead I could be forcing bulbs right now! I am on the lookout for hyacinths about to bloom -- they are one of my favorite smells!!! I had also hoped to buy an amaryllis but none came my way. These flowers are thanks to my mom and sister.

Make flowers out of tissue paper. Here is a good tutorial.

Sewing flowers brings me so much joy! I love, love, love to do it! (Okay, once in awhile after sewing dozens and dozens I do need a little break.) There are so many types of flowers to craft and you can even google food flowers and be inspired to make flowers out of all kinds of edible things.

What joy nature gives to us! God is the ultimate artist and we are silly if we do not spend time enjoying what we have been given.


Brenda said...

This is so inspiring, Heather, and you fill me with wonder. How do you manage it all, whilst bringing up all your children? Ah, by incorporating it all into their daily lives, of course - I remember you being brought up that way by an equally gifted mother!
I agree with you about hyacinths. Luckily I planted some in an old yoghourt bucket before Xmas, and am now benefitting from the lovely scent, promise of more flowers to come. I'm sure your twigs WILL bud!
I was thinking only yesterday that you and Inge Krebs are the two most endlessly creative people I have known, and you both have Etsy shops. What a community that would be, if you could all get together, not just "virtually"!

Ruth MacC said...

I like what Brenda says about you being an inspiration to her... me too! Must have a look around and see what I can do. This winter has been very mild and plants and flowers will be in early bloom this Spring. Looking forwars to that.

Jessica said...

I made my first felt flower in years and I think I am addicted. Of course, I didn't take a picture of it or the finished bag I put it on before I gave it away - heh. My amaryllis is blooming nicely right now. I think the squirrels have eaten most of our bulbs we planted but we'll see. Forcing bulbs is a great idea I will have to put that on my list for next year.

Candice said...

Your pictures are so cheerful! I, too, couldn't resist the primroses at Aldi. Sorry to hear you have been struggling with sickness. We have, too, of various kinds. I'll keep you guys in my prayers.