Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Full Week and the Giveaway Winners

First off, the winner's of the Tea Book giveaway by random number generator: Charis' Mum, Lovella, and Free Range Chick. If you can email me, that would be great. (hrlefebvre    atyahoo   .com)

It's been another full week around here. Wednesday evening we went to the County Fair to see the children's exhibits. Here is James with his model helicopter.

And his ABC book of vegetables.

Rachel miraculously finished her Lord of the Rings quilt. We never took a picture of the full quilt but this will have to do until we get it back. She received an Honor Ribbon for it.

Andrew did woodworking and made a planter box which he painted yellow.

He also submitted a genealogy project and received and Honor Ribbon.

Rachel with her model plane -- she loves to build models!

Rachel's knitting received a Reserve Champion.

Later, we looked at the adult submissions and Michael pointed out the crocheted pig to Laura: "Look at this pig," he said to Laura. Laura replied, "Look at this knitting." Ha ha ha! She can't distinguish between crochet and knitting yet but at least she knows what to think about these kinds of projects! She's desperate to knit herself and tries with yarn and needles. Too cute.

Watching the horse pull is always amazing. Here the horses are pulling 10,500 pounds!

One food treat was allowed and the choice was cotton candy.

I spent the entire week decluttering and cleaning our upstairs. I took out 5 huge black trashbags of garbage plus more stuff for goodwill. What a good feeling! Now I think we will have an orderly place for learning. Wonder how long the house will stay this way??? :)

Yesterday we celebrated my mom's and David's birthdays. We found this beautiful place for the kids to play.

All the leaves on the ground made me think of fall and not the middle of July.

Despite it being the first cool day in forever, the kids had fun.

And then we had a picnic lunch.

And the kids played on the playground

Then we went to Christina's for ice-cream.

And presents.

David was quite excited.

And mom loved her new slippers.

Michael and I also celebrated our 13th anniversary this week. We enjoyed a lovely dinner out and the restaurant even took this picture of us. (Once again it makes my eye quite obvious but I hope to have the eye fixed later this year.)

We are looking forward to lots of time with friends in the weeks ahead. And school will be starting before we know it!


Lovella ♥ said...

Heather, first of all, thank you so much for the beautiful Tea Book. After seeing the pages I am absolutely wanting to order a copy to hold in my hands. It is beautifully done!
It was so fun seeing the projects your kids did for the fair. You must be so proud of them all. They deserve those ribbons!
Congratulations to you and Michael on your anniversary. It is a joy to see your family!

Rachel said...

Happy 13th Anniversary! Nice photo of you both.
I love the look of that picnic place - dreamy... and your photos still make it look warm even if it was a cooler day.
Congrats to the children on their awards - they are amazing. Does Rachel like Lord of the Rings stuff? You know NZ is LOTR country. I can look out for special stuff for her if you like. We live about 45 mins from Hobbitville.

Sherry said...

Hi Heather -

Congratulations to all your kids on all their 4-H projects! I can tell they worked hard! Elizabeth's dress she made surprisingly got to go to the state fair even though it got reserved champion. It was because the champion of construction was also champion in fashion revue and she chose fashion revue. I thought that was great! God provided:) It is the first thing for Elizabeth to go to the state fair. Emily's entomology poster also went. It is on a honeybee experiment she did:) It sounds like you have had a great summer! Happy late anniversary to you and Michael! I love seeing the pictures. Can't wait to visit with you again sometime and see you at classes:)

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