Thursday, October 31, 2013

Life Around the Family

Thought I would post a few random photos and thoughts......

Here is Laura on our little Sunday afternoon walk. She loves these sunglasses and kept them on for church in the evening.

It is so fun to spend time with Laura, although the time feels like bits and pieces gathered here and there throughout the week. She is growing up too fast and is far beyond the half way point to five years old.

I am more alert to mushrooms now after the plethora we saw in the UK. It would be fun to get a mushroom book and learn all the different kinds (I think my mom actually took a class once and at one time did know all the kinds that grew near us in Vermont).

Our house has been busy with friends. This week we enjoyed visiting with friends over from the UK and it was a chance for the kids to tell about our trip and show their pictures as well as for the children to hear firsthand about life during World War II both in Britain and in the US Navy.

 Watching War Time farm will take on new meaning now that the children have a few more faces and experiences to put with the time period. This is learning at its best!

Look at this amazingly gorgeous carved wooden tray I found at Goodwill this week for $4! The carving is exquisite! I can't wait for an opportunity to serve something up on this work of art.

I have been trying to steal bits and pieces of time to go walking in the large nature park that is just 3 miles from our house. As soon as we got back from Scotland I bought a pass so that we could go whenever we wanted. I had hoped to go and see the fall trees at their peak. Instead I ended up there during a gorgeous all-day fog! Wow! It was certainly magical and a rare treat for our area.

It was fun to get quite close to this heron.

And all the reds and oranges were so pretty against the gray background.

I walked around one corner and found this guy hanging out.

Oh such lovely colors!!!

The fog stayed on into the evening when the boys were moving pumpkins down the street.

And now the rain is coming down in torrents! In fact, many of the towns have officially "moved Halloween" to tomorrow night! Isn't that funny how they can do that?! Well, it's about time that I went and cooked my family something to eat.....kale soup. I have a new recipe and it is incredible. I will share the details soon.


Anonymous said...

A very Scottish walk you went on! Your visiting looks great - so nice to see many generations together. And I must say that the street in your photograph looks, to UK eyes, like where millionnaires live. The houses are all so enormous!

Amy K said...

Ha! Laura and Meredith could be sunglasses pals. Meredith wore her fashion sunglasses inside a dim restaurant a few weeks ago, for the whole meal.

Stephanie said...

I love the colorful outfits little kids come up with. The green coat is very fashionable, IMHO. ;-)