Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Tea Trolley

We had such a long break from the internet and blogland that I had to think for a minute what I even post about on my blog! Oh yeah! Tea! Of course!! And I certainly brought home so much to blog about tea that I'll have material for months (like the 9 teapots I carried home, the china, the suitcase full of teas, etc.). But, I can't allow Scotland to completely dominate this blog for the next year so I'm going to share a few pictures from this last week's tea times.

Our first proper tea trolley use on arriving home was for Little Arthur's welcome tea. It was our first time to meet him and Christina, JK, and John joined him for the journey to Auntie Heather and Uncle Michael's. We enjoyed several hours of cuddling Arthur, catching up, and having tea with a few goodies brought over in the suitcase, namely: apple pies, digestives, gluten free bakewell pies, gluten free digestives and gluten free kitkats.

Imagine my good luck at being randomly selected to help with the Kindergarten class on Thursday at homeschool group and discovering it was their day to learn about England. Not only that, but the teacher had brought in china teacups for each child and scones and tea and lumps of sugar!!!!

Oh yes, I was grinning from ear to ear and smiling at God's providence and loving each moment of little children using china teacups.

Here's a glimpse at a few of my new tea paraphernalia: a tea tray that looks just like the Isle of Skye and one of my new tea mugs from Cath Kidston.

Now that I'm stocked up on tea and her accessories, I just need a little bit of nippy fall weather to come my way.......


Heather said...

I was thinking about you this morning while I was enjoying my tea and wondering if you were adjusting to being home and settling back into your happy homeschool routine! I was trying to think a of nice place to take my hubby to celebrate our 22nd anniversary and the lovely restaurant in Richmond where we enjoyed lunch came to mind! Your tea tray made me smile - we love Digestives - Mum brings them to us once in a while - Family Digestives with the chocolate are a favorite!

elizabeth said...

tea is such a blessing! :)