Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Wedding Weekend

Friday morning I jumped into wedding mode and headed over to help my mom and another friend do the flowers for my friend Christy's wedding.

I volunteered to do the boutonnieres. Nice and straight forward. :)

Here they are ready for the fridge. The wedding colors were salmon and green.

Meanwhile, the other ladies worked on the larger arrangements. This one went at the entrance of the church.

Here is mom with Choi-ha. Their first wedding together was mine! Now it is hard to count how many they have done.

The best part is always putting together the bouquets for the wedding party. Here is the bride's. Can you believe how gorgeous the David Austin garden roses are? And, incidentally, they are called "Juliet".

The bridesmaids had the salmon roses in their bouquets -- fortunately, they were the exact shade of their dresses!

Here is a picture from Saturday with the bridesmaid's dress behind the bouquet. My mom also ordered parrot tulips which were a stunning addition to the arrangements.

The ceremony took place in front of the fireplace in what we call the "old sanctuary" of the church we grew up in. Being back in that cozy room with the marble floors brought back so many memories. Somehow it seemed for a few moments as if no time had passed.

The fireplace looked incredible with all of Choi-ha's creations -- bringing to life the sketches my mom had worked out over the past few months.

The bridal party entered by coming down the stairway so garland and bouquets were added to decorate the path.

And here is the bride! Christy looked just beautiful and the flowers complemented her dress so well.

Here we are in the library -- fitting since books and theology and studying make up a good part of our friendship.

Here is Christy with Kelleen, one of the bridesmaids. I just love, love, love the colors Christy chose!

Can't get enough of the bouquets.......

And here are all the beautiful girls before they headed downstairs.

Having the ceremony in front of the fireplace was such a perfect choice! It seemed as if we had stepped into a scene from Little Women or perhaps a Jane Austen novel -- which was of course made complete sense since Christy has a great love for Jane Austen.

The ceremony was so well thought out -- incredible pieces of music (with many talented musicians playing and a soloist singing), beautiful congregational singing, such good passages of Scripture read aloud and a sermon from Romans 8, and a prayer from Dr. Blackwood, our pastor from when we were young.

Christy and Peter were so happy!!!!

They exited straight down the tiny aisle and out the front door of the old building.

Mr. and Mrs. Melamed!!!!!!!

After the wedding we headed over to the reception -- once again we were treated to good music from the band, Kelleen, a brother-in-law, etc.

Flowers and composer names adorned all the tables.

It was a beautiful setting and once again went along with that unspoken Jane Austen theme, don't you think?

Another pretty table:

We enjoyed a delicious dinner and even a coffee ceremony (more on the Tea Trolley) as well as dancing and cake.

It was an absolute joy to see this day come true for my friend who has waited so very patiently all these years to see if God might provide her with a husband. Her submission to God's will for her life and her faithfulness to Him through thick and thin has been a challenge and encouragement to me in my own walk of faith. I wish them every happiness!!!!


Wani said...

The colors and flowers were beautiful!

Patsy said...

It was all just beautiful!

Everydaythings said...

*sigh* just beautiful! I wish the couple all the very best!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful! I'm so happy to get to see Christy and Peter on their special day through your pictures. The Lord is so good - what a lovely testimony to that. So happy for the couple! - CFS

Chrispy Departa said...

So beautiful and attractive flowers to watch.They are providing a different environment to wedding.