Friday, April 25, 2014

Scotland: The Faerie Glen on Skye

This will be my last post about Skye, for now, as I want to move onto a series about author's homes that we visited in the UK. 

Today's post is about the magical Faerie Glen on the Isle of Skye. I first heard about the glen while researching things to do on Skye. However, there were no directions I could find -- it's a secret location. Fortunately, an old friend was visiting Airdrie the same time we were and since he grew up on Skye, in fact, in the very town where the glen is located, I was able to get word-of-mouth directions!

So, one evening after dinner we piled in the car and headed across the top of the island (tinier road than the normal, tiny roads) on the way to the glen.

Here we are, reaching the other side of the island.

The town where our friend grew up -- a sizable place for an island like Skye.

And here we catch our first glimpse of the glen:

It is a place filled with miniature geological formations which are not seen regularly in other areas.

The hills are the perfect size for children to run around and climb up and down.

It looks like a scene out of The Lord of the Rings.

Check out the characteristic ridges on the sides of the hills.

Looks like I caught a few little faeries frolicking in the sunlight!

Up and down and around we walked and explored.

A few sheep looked surprised to be disturbed in their private grazing ground.

It really was a place unspoiled by tourists.

Laura had fun being carried around by Daddy.

Can you see how happy I am to be in the glen?

And the sunset over the miniature landscape -- just beautiful!

It was certainly a magical evening!


elizabeth said...

so glad for this special time! :)

Anonymous said...

Amazing! I've never heard of this place. So glad you were able to go there.

Stephanie said...

So many Wow photographs - especially the last one - absolutely beautiful!