Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Joy of Nature

Lately I've felt like each day is 16-hour slalom event -- my goal is to hit as many of those gates as possible, inevitably missing several as they whizz by at nearly the speed of light. Yikes! I think this is how life with "older" children goes....

Anyway, trying to stay sane means reading whenever possible and getting out into nature whenever possible. The nicer weather has made that easier and I am so thankful for the amazing park that is just a few miles from our home.

Last week I saw yellow violets blooming along the trail:

And lots of purple violets:

This seed pod is so perfectly and artistically formed that its beauty could last me a whole day!

My garden has at least six varieties of daffodils and narcissi blooming right now!!!

And here is the woods I was walking in today. The bright green is just so pretty. (Not sure how those strange lines appeared....)

I passed this red-shouldered hawk on my walk. Such a beautiful bird!

I saw a woman staring at this tree trunk and thought she was amazed at the various rings (which go back to before Columbus' time) but when I said hello she pointed out what really had her attention!!!
(a rat snake)

And this is the area that I always imagine would be what our "Swallows and Amazons" country would look like:

One of the nature guides told me what trail and where to look to find this red-shouldered hawk nest -- see it just above the center of the picture?

And then tonight we had the chance to stay home because high winds cancelled archery and we were treated to this double rainbow out the backdoor. Pretty special!

An hour later the sky had changed completely.

And some time later it had such a beautiful pink hue.

There is so much beauty to be enjoyed!!! I can't help but praise God for this incredible earth to enjoy!! Hope you find some beauty in your week.


Sus said...

Wonderful photos Heather!

Helen said...

I'm really fascinated by your gardens (I think they are called yards in America). I see there are no fences or hedges between each house's garden ... is that how a lot of American gardens are? Does this mean that the kids play across all the gardens? If so, does that work out okay - no neighbours getting cross? Also, if you have little children in the garden, do they wander off to other people's gardens (and into their houses?!) It's very different here in the UK - garden boundaries are very clear! Thanks for all your lovely blog posts - I always enjoy reading them :-)

elizabeth said...


Nature is a blessing! Yes, life can be intense... esp. for us quiet types!

Thanks for your comments on my blog... the tea cozies are fun! the blue and white one my Oma knit and the red one was a wedding gift! :)

Jessica said...

So nice to see green. We are starting to get a little more around here, little peeks and reminders that we might have a summer after all. The daffodils are coming up but Willow keeps plucking them : ). The garden is full of dirt and I can't wait to get some seeds in!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful walk, flowers, rainbows, skyscapes... Yes, there is a lot of beauty all around if we can look for it. I'm glad you've been able to take a bit of time out for yourself. I think that's an important example to set for your children! And thank you for sharing your discoveries with us. xox