Thursday, July 3, 2014

Words and Wool

I finally have a few projects on my needles: three actually: this Tiny Tea Leaves for Laura in a beautiful green that will go so well with her butterscotch hair for this fall; the Juneberry Triangle by Jarred Flood which is being knit in a very soft alpaca and I can't wait to wear it this fall; and another pea pod baby hat for the County Fair.

Before I go any further, I have meant to answer a reader's questions for nearly six weeks and every week I forget!! Colleen asked if I ever give classes for making felted flowers. At this point I do not give organized classes for felt flowers although sometimes I have invited a friend or two over for something casual. I will be sure to post on my blog if I do organize a real class sometime!!! Also, Colleen inquired about the Book Quotes Letter Exchange I participate in each month. If you are interested in that you can leave a comment on this post and then email me at hrlefebvre AT yahoo DOT com. That's my spam email so I won't check it unless I know you are sending something to it!

Okay, back to knitting. I was humming along on this lovely cardigan when I came to dividing for the sleeves and suddenly realized I had nearly 50 stitches TOO many!! What?! I must have repeated an increase or something! So, I'm going to have to rip it back and figure out where to start again. Oh well. :( 

Here is my stack from the library pickup yesterday!

James and I are already listening to The Picts & the Martyrs (Swallows & Amazons). Can't resist a story about adventures in the Lake District which involve secret plans and camping in the woods.

I'm anxious to dive into the next Maisie Dobbs Birds of a Feather (Maisie Dobbs, Book 2) but I need to finish the three on my bedside stand right now.

Under the Wide and Starry Sky: A Novel -- historical fiction about Robert Louis Stevenson which is very interesting. Good thing it is fiction because I'm not sure I would be plowing through all these details if they were non-fiction! :)

The Book of Stillmeadow -- this is my anti-stress, anti-anxiety reading. I love it!

How the Heather Looks: A Joyous Journey to the British Sources of Children's Books -- tells the adventures of an American family in Britain in the 1950's as they go searching for the scenes from their favorite children's books. I'm getting ideas on lots of other books I want to read!

And now it's time to go read!!!

For more ideas on knitting and reading visit Ginny's Yarn A Long.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry you had to rip back your cardigan. The wool is beautiful. I hope it will be just as much a pleasure to knit the second time as the first!

You must have an excellent library.

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather, Thanks for answering my questions about the felted flowers and the book quote letter exchange. I am interested in both of those still.