Friday, July 31, 2015


July has been a full month! Rachel headed back to high school today, beginning her sophomore year. In some ways, that means summer is over. At least the rest of us have one more week before we start our schooling.

The month began with a trip to the Indianapolis Museum of Art with some of the high schoolers from church for a picnic and tour.

Mom came along and, as always, got the young kids going on fairy houses:

The gardens always help me to feel a million miles away:

This was a new flower to me:

Everywhere you look there is beauty:

Then came the Fourth of July and the town's parade:

And a picnic in our backyard:

 The kids had a fabulous time and had some sort of game involving shields going on:

Andrew and Michael made it up to the roof to make some repairs. This was a fun adventure for Andrew:

Laura is my little tag-along. She loves to be out in the garden with me. Here's the garden at the beginning of the month:

James had the privilege of taking a week-long art camp. Every morning I got to drive him through adorable Zionsville, oohing and aahing at these houses all the way. James made pottery and used all kinds of mediums to make art creations throughout the week. Definitely a highlight of the summer for him.

We had lots and lots and lots of rain! We tried to visit our secret beach and instead found this: (and the kids couldn't understand why I wouldn't let them go in!!)

College Park VBS is a family tradition. Like last year, I spent most of that time shopping at Goodwill Outlet. It's the best chance of the year for me to do that. More on my finds in another post.....

Andrew and I spent hours and hours on genealogy, getting ready for 4h. This is our fourth year to do this and, of course, each year gets more and more involved. This year we made the surprising discovery that Michael and I are seventh cousins once removed!!! Who could have guessed! Our mother's both descend from the same set of Cady grandparents in Connecticut in the late 1600's! (This is a picture of Gen. William T. Clark):


Cousin John went to VBS too and at the end of the week we went up the street to mom's for lunch!

We also ended VBS week with 4h project turn in:

This was David's first year in 4h proper:

James entered his adorable muskrat painting:

And that same day Michael and I celebrated our 16th anniversary:

The next morning we were back to 4h to turn in James' medieval knight:

The following week we celebrated mom and Davids' birthdays with a picnic at Eagle Creek:

Laura had her yearly MRI and the report looks good! She can repeat it again next year.

James cleaned up the boys' room. Too bad I don't have a before picture. It was epic. This room is where all their creating takes place.

One evening we headed out to the 4h fair to have a look at all the kids' projects and to be amazed by Galaxy Girl who climbed up 127 feet without any safety devices.

Oh yes, we were all amazed and quite scared.

Andrew was excited to win Reserve Champion on his genealogy

Milkshakes at the fair:

And the horse pull -- we never cease to be amazed at these incredibly powerful horses:

And we made it back to our secret beach. Quite a transformation from two weeks previous.

Our last week was spent at Covfamikoi, our church presbytery's family conference, held in Kentucky. It's a great week of fellowship (without having to cook!), good teaching, classes for the kids, and lots of sports activities.

We always love the talent night and the funny little extras that get added in, like the "churches challenge":

The best part of all is forging friendships for the children which will hopefully continue on into adulthood. This volleyball court is one of the favorite activities for the kids!

Here is Laura with her class:

And this is how everyone feels at the end of camp week:

And now that July is nearly over, you can see the amazing progress the garden has made! I think I better get out and pick beans!

Enjoy your weekend!


Pom Pom said...

You DO have a lot going on! What a whirlwind! A fun one, though!
I can remember those school-is-starting-too-soon feelings!
Your garden looks fantastic!

elizabeth said...

looks like lots of fun was had! glad for all these good things. Sending love and a HUG your way!

Jessica said...

Wow so busy, I love it! I can't believe we are almost into August. How summer flies. The garden looks great and the kids are getting sooo big! I have stayed out of Goodwill for MONTHS - trying to clean out the basement and craft stuff first, lol. Just touched my knitting needles for the first time in ages, too.

Anonymous said...

Love seeing your goings-on! Thanks for sharing!


Stephanie said...

Great July summary! Sounds like lots of fun. My mom was back to school (teaching) on Fri (the 31st). Can't believe school started in JULY this year.

Our July was DH's rafting trip (guys' weekend for his brother's bachelor event), Cedar Point (FIL's company day / free tickets), and a family reunion (my dad's side) in PA. Aug is a bridal shower, 2 weddings, a weekend in DC to see a friend, and my birthday. ;-) (sjn821 on Rav)

reader19 said...

Wowzers! What a lot going on!!! So good to see all the pictures and things you guys have been doing---so much FUN! Thanks for sharing with us!

Anonymous said...

A belated happy anniversary to you - what a great deal you and Michael have accomplished in a mere 16 years! The garden is beautiful, and is that gorgeous lace shawl a creation of Rachel's?

As you see, I have had a little chance to catch up on blogging and blogs this afternoon. Always such a pleasure to read yours. I hope the start of the school year has been good for you all. The Dafter went back yesterday - and is shattered today! But fingers crossed she will be able to continue.

Bye for now!