Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Laura's 6th Birthday

Late last month Laura turned 6 years old!

As with most children, she was absolutely excited about her birthday.

She requested blueberry pancakes for breakfast. She's always loved blueberries.

She's also extremely fond of emoji's and had been wanting one of these pillows for a long time!

I found her this antique desk at an auction I went to and she loves it! It sits next to Michael's desk and she has it all filled with her little pens and papers and things. So cute!

Laura wanted to go out to lunch for her birthday so she and I went to Cracker Barrel together.

Two little friends came for some cake and tea in the afternoon. My rule is big parties are only for certain special birthdays (5, 10, 13, 16 years). Somehow birthdays still turn into multiple day events even with that limitation.

The very happy birthday girl.

On Friday another friend was here to play and Grandma came to take Laura to spend the night at her house! Laura was very excited about having her own overnight!

She and Grandma went to see a movie together.

And then they ate dinner at Grandma's house.

And picked some flowers in the garden:

On Sunday cousin John got to come for another birthday celebration (along with half the boys from church, well, it seemed that way.....):

The two cousins had a lot of fun together!!!

John had carefully made a lovely card and was helping Laura to read it.

Then there were presents to open including this lovely dress made by Auntie C!

And then came a very fun present -- pompom makers!

Everyone got in on the action!!!!

And they all got in on the cake action too!

Laura has continued to enjoy the pompom maker very much!

And now birthday time is over and it is on to being 6!


Pom Pom said...

It looks like little Laura had a very special birthday! Yay Mom!

Heather Anne said...

How lovely - what a joy to see her growing and thriving ... God is so good! What a lovely celebration!

elizabeth said...

that is SO VERY SWEET!!! what a lot of special times for her!! so glad!!! and that desk, how wonderful!!! God bless her!!! 6 is such a fun age! :)))

HeatherMavis said...

Hi Heather,
Happy Birthday to Laura!
I agree with your party limits. I've tried to do something like that too.

Lovella ♥ said...

Laura is so sweet and growing! Wishing her a most wonderful year ahead. I just love her new desk. What a great find.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Can't believe how big she's getting. That photo of her at the desk is precious. I agree also about limiting big parties. With two children, our rule was every other year a party, and the year in between a friend for birthday lunch.

Stephanie said...

I'm just catching up on your recent posts. So glad to see that Laura had a wonderful birthday. My Emma turned 4 yesterday! We had a family only party (cookout) on Sat. Yesterday we went out to breakfast with my parents who are currently visiting and she opened presents from us after nap. My mom teaches in Edinburgh, so I hear how short those 8 week summers are! (sjn821 on Rav)