Saturday, October 6, 2018

September 2018

September began the transition to fall. Although, sitting here in 85 F temperature does not feel very fall-ish. I'm thankful it's not freezing...

I made this gluten free plum galette for an event I went to. Must try to remember to make more galettes -- so easy and less time consuming than a pie! (Original, not gluten-free, recipe is here.)

I have to include pictures from my Monday job at Blooms because the flowers bring me so much joy!

 One evening we had a visitor during our patio dinner. This bunny boldly hopped right out of the garden and sat munching the weed pile during our entire dinner.

Not scared at all, he then hopped right across the patio in front of us!

September brought a fun family birthday celebration for my sister's husband,  JK.

The party was at Wildwood Market and the place looked so festive!

Such a lovely evening!

My newest fig tree finally bore fruit! Nothing like picking fruit from one's own tree!

The colors of fall are so rich and beautiful. All the squash and pumpkins have me captivated!

Another week of flowers:

This is my studio workspace. It usually isn't so bright and pretty because mostly I work in the early morning before the sun comes up and the shade is pulled. This space is actually in my bathroom!

I'm busy prepping for fall workshops!

Here's a look at the cheese plates from JK's party -- we'll be having Wildwood's cheese plates at the Fall Menu Painting workshop!!!

We made it to the orchard on the spur of the moment one evening right before they closed. It's a long-standing tradition!

Don't worry -- they are only allowed to throw bad apples.

James is very interested in falconry and was invited to go with several licensed falconers we know to capture their new bird (and thus rescue it from being shot at the airport). It's just amazing to be up close to these impressive birds!

Cousin Arthur turned five and we celebrated! YAY!

More beautiful flowers were put together:

Just look at that wealth of color, texture, and inspiration!

Got to make sure I'm being a good "Purdue mom" by using my mug. :)

One of the highlights of the month was a trip to my mom's pumpkin patch. What beauty where she lives!!!

Moms 12 little hills of pumpkin seeds have yielded many, many pumpkins.

Everyone had their pick!

We ended the month with James' 14th birthday!

And now for October -- the incredible month of beauty and color here in the Midwest! I'm looking forward to it!


reader19 said...

How lovely to have a visit with you all! I can't believe Arthur is 5, and James being 14 is even harder to swallow!!! Our bairns are getting so big!!! Loved to see all the watercolors splashed about, the adorable bunny, and the amazing pumpkin patch! Oi, those are some amazing pumpkins; which I knew how to grow those!!! I've been thinking of you, friend and wishing I was closer to have a lovely cuppa and a chat. I'm going to have to print out the galette recipe--that looks yummy! Missing you....hug for your day! Love to you all!

Karen Andreola said...

I like your studio very much. It seems like a peaceful and bright morning spot. What beautiful work you do there. You capture the autumn harvest with artistic flair.

jennifer said...

Hope all is well in the new year for you and your family. I miss reading your blogs. Hope to hear from you soon. I am so inspired by you. Thank you, Jennifer