Monday, June 15, 2020


Our week began with our first in-person church service since mid-March! The weather allowed us to meet outside, which meant more people could attend and singing was safer! Yay! Hopefully we'll have many more good-weather Sundays this summer.

Monday I was back at the flower shop -- I used a new flower this week: Ti Tree Flower (also written Tea Tree). I love the wonderful texture it adds to the bouquets with its small balls of white flowers.

James, David, and Laura spent some more time working at Grandma's house doing yard work.

Getting together with people outside is happening all the time. If it's the morning, the front has the most shade, if the afternoon, the back patio is the best!

I had so much fun making this embroidered mask this week. I love linen, and the soft colors of the wildflowers pair so well with the linen.

Backyard celebration with blueberry pie and my new guest favorite: Elderflower syrup (purchase on Amazon). The syrup makes the nicest fizzy water drinks and is delightful added to whipped cream (especially if you add some yogurt to the whipped cream too).

Drew and I needed an activity to do together so we went "scootering" downtown. I'm just glad I didn't fall and break an arm! I can see the draw of whizzing down the street at a fast pace. We had fun!

And now we are into a new week! My garden is about to pop into glory and we are enjoying our last day of delightful temperatures before we get another heat wave. Have a good week!


HeatherMavis said...

Hi Heather L, It's Heather R here. ( Funny, my maiden name started with an L too - Loghry)
So I've popped over to say hi! I also have a question about your church. Is it Presbyterian? I am looking at a Presbyterian church here in Connecticut. We are in the early stages of considering a move to get closer to my parents in R.I. So, we are looking at a house in Coventry, CT. Which is about halfway to Mom and Dads. I'm checking out church websites. One of the closest is a PC.
I grew up in and have gone to Advent Christian Churches ( not 7th day) almost all my life. My Dad is ordained and was a Pastor in AC churches for many years. He is now 86 so no longer pastors. He has done many of our family weddings though!
our job working with the flowers looks so fun! Did you take any classes in horticulture or is it a natural talent?
I'm cheering those kiddos on for their hard labor in Grandma's yard... and you, Mama on the scooter! ( that's right isn't it?)
You inspire me. God's Blessings!

HeatherMavis said...

Well, God says wait, trim down debt some more, increase income - working on that- so we can qualify for a mortgage. Meanwhile, settle in and embrace our tiny house and make trips to see Mom and Dad about every 4-6 weeks! Amen.