Monday, June 22, 2020

The Best of June

Last week began, again, with flowers. There were 50 bouquets to make. I listened to podcasts and my audio book and enjoyed the peace and quiet all to myself.

The color of the protea pins, lavender, and sunflowers was so beautiful.

Tuesday I decided to drive 45 minutes north and take Laura and James strawberry picking. It seemed like a good outing during the pandemic. Most of my kids haven't ever picked strawberries so this was a new experience.

It was good to get out of our area and into the countryside.

The berries were small and hard to find due to the lack of rain, but we managed to get about 6 pounds.

Then we enjoyed strawberry shortcake, strawberries and angel food cake, and strawberry freezer jam.

I find Hollyhocks hard to grow -- they are biennial so take a few years to grow and then not all my seedlings/seeds seem to survive. This year I have two stunning plants by my garage and they bring me lots of happiness!

I went to Costco this week! First time since before March. I was researching prices for Drew's open house and stocking up on a few essentials. I was delighted to discover vanilla had come down in price by $10!

Thursday I met a friend at my mom's to do plein air oil painting -- it was my first oil outside. It was the most glorious evening and rejuvenated me.

The Northern Catalpa trees are in bloom right now. They amaze me with their lime green leaves and their huge blossoms that look like collections of some kind of orchid!

I'm trying to get my head around the idea that the summer solstice has happened and we are half way through the year. I love these long summer nights. I don't want them to shorten!

Saturday found me with my sisters sorting out the last of the belongings from my parents' old house. It was fun to see things from our childhood. We found the collection of doll cloths Christina and I had  made for Emily one Christmas -- all look-alike American Girl Samantha clothes from fabric we had. 

And I found a Beatrix Potter figurine of my own that was my mom's. I hadn't remembered she had one and I'm so excited to have it sitting on my own shelf now.

And now we head into a new week!

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Tiny Toadstool Cottage said...

Strawberry picking is such fun! We are in the middle of winter here so not many flowers in my garden at the moment. Yours look so beautiful!