Thursday, August 23, 2007

Views from Bed

Yesterday I was strong enough to spend some time with Rachel in the afternoon. We had some decaf Earl Grey along with afternoon snacks. We also read another one of Beatrix Potter's books -- she wrote about 22 of them, and we are attempting to read them all! (Bit by bit)

Each Tuesday my Mom has been bringing me a beautiful bouquet of flowers from her garden to brighten up my bedroom. It's amazing the flowers have survived in this horrendous heat we've had here in the Midwest.
One day, early on in my retreat to bed, my sister Christina came by with this absolutely gorgeous cake (all gluten free too!).
Missing the wedding of dear friends that we had been looking forward to all year was one of the big dissappointments of being stuck in bed. It seemed everyone in my family played a part in the wedding -- Michael was marrying the couple, and of course officiating at the rehearsal, and my Mom was the head florist with her team of my two sisters and other dear friends. I was very blessed the next day to have one of the table decorations sent home from church by the bride's mother. Here it is sitting on my dresser. I was also delighted to be able to partake of the remains of the rehearsal dinner (Chinese!) And Michael came home from the wedding with a beautiful box wrapped up in pink with ribbons. Inside was an elegant oriental-design teapot -- a "just-because" gift from the Mother of the Bride. I felt as though all these things were "postcards" from the Lord, reminding me that He was taking care of me, despite how I felt.
And here is Baby David who comes to visit me in bed each day. He always notices if there is food about, and he is quick to spot a phone or clock to play with.
Yes, this is the view from my side of the bed. I probably have too many books, diaries, magazines, etc. lying around, but somehow I feel more "secure" with plenty in front of me. I'm on a spurt of Provence memoirs, and I can't believe how similar they all are! The storyline is exactly the same -- buy run-down house, fix up run-down house, recount all the hassles of fixing it up.

My Mom's zinias are just beautiful!!! Thanks, Mom, for sharing your garden with me!


Anonymous said...

Heather -- what a beautiful posting. I loved our visit with you and loved all your books and mags you had around you. I'm going to sneak over sometime and hide in a corner of your room to enjoy all the lovely books! =) Love ya!

Jessica said...

What sweet little babes :) Visits in bed are always nice..and what a yummy looking cake (my favorite food by far heehee).