Thursday, July 18, 2013

July Living

Here's a few pictures of what we've been up to!!! Daddy has been very busy studying this summer so we've only been seeing him every now and then. One weekend he took us out to ice-cream. Everyone enjoyed it!

I happened to get the chance to hit Goodwill and the Goodwill Outlet on 50% off Saturday! Yay! Especially since I found just about all the remaining items needed for everyone for our trip. Highlights were lots of tartan wool skirts for sewing projects, vintage embroidered tea towels, the perfect leather purse, and fall clothes for Laura!

We spent a week going to VBS at my mom's church and one day we stopped by a friend's to pick early apples. We've been eating a lot of apple crisp. Made with honey, it works really well for breakfast!

We are still working on processing them.........

I should be posting a picture of 4h projects between each of the pictures here because the month of July up until last Saturday was consumed with finishing the 10 projects our family entered in the fair. Lots and lots of work, but hopefully very worthwhile. We spent nine Tuesday evenings this spring and summer out at the archery club. The kids really enjoyed getting introduced to this sport.

Laura and John have had a little cousin time here and there. They are good buddies!

Laura was the only one who couldn't attend this VBS. She spent the week trailing around with me visiting friends while the kids were occupied. She didn't think it was as fun as last year......

It was Dress Like a Cow day at Chikfila on Friday so after we turned in our 4h projects we donned our outfits (found for about $2 at goodwill) and headed over for our free dinner.

Several of the kids are enthusiastic about this, one or two are not.

We spent about 3 1/2 hours in lines checking the 4 h projects in. Fortunately, there were some friends to visit with along the way.

One evening we went to the park with a friend while Rachel was at Bible study. Books, lemonade, and good company are hard to beat!

Miss Polly is my devoted companion around the house.

Fair time calls for Fair food! We had a great evening out seeing the children's hard work and the ribbons they won.

Scattered here and there we have made it to the pool but not nearly as much as the kids would like. It's been hot this week!!!

And now we are enjoying another weekend visit from Daddy! I guess I need to go cook a proper dinner!


larson fam said...

Only 3.5 hours checking in projects? That's great... our county spent 4 *days* receiving Lily's projects... every major area (forestry, wildlife, sewing, etc). gets judged on a separate day during the week and half before the fair. Every judging day was a multi-hour event, waiting for your project to get called and judged, then waiting to hear the overall results at the end. I kept thinking... there has GOT to be a more efficient way to do this....!

Stephanie said...

Looks like you've had a fun and busy summer so far. I took Emma (turned 1 on 6/26) to the pool for the first time with a friend and her kids (ages 8 and 6) on Wed. She seemed to enjoy it! We've been having hot and humid weather here in Cleveland. I think it's been similar in IN. Enjoy the weekend!