Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Tea Trolley: Christmas Tea

Ever since I was a teenager my sisters, mom and I have stopped sometime in the fall (usually September) for a "Christmas tea" where we sit down with some season-appropriate tea goodies and brainstorm our ideas for Christmas. When we had more time it was mostly a brain-storming session for what presents we were going to make. This year it was a brainstorming session on how we could do Christmas without presents! ha ha ha!

Rachel made us a Dundee cake to enjoy and Christina brought gingerbread scones laced with brandy icing!

Arthur got his cuddles in for the day!

Laura and John enjoyed their tea and tried to imitate the adults as much as possible.

With a large stockpile of old Christmas magazines sitting around, I decided it was time to put them to good use. We cut out all the pretty pictures and then glued them into composition books in which we will write during the Christmas season -- ideas of what to make, what to eat, present lists, activity lists, etc.

What can be more fun than scissors, glue, beautiful pictures and empty notebooks!

Of course we all had to give Arthur his due attention.

Did I say Arthur needed attention? Yes he did!!!

Don't these look good!

 It was a great afternoon and we made a list of activities for the season, dates to get together, and we even managed to decide on what to do about giving presents!

I thought I'd also share with you a few recipes I've made in the last week that we have enjoyed. I think I mentioned this Kale Soup before. It is SO good and SO easy and my kids love it!

I also decided to try Smitten Kitchen's pizza recipe and could not believe the amazing results. The dough is so easy (4 ingredients, no kneading). The only catch is that you have to start it 24 hours ahead of time. The crust was perfect though -- crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Unfortunately, it isn't gluten free. :( However, I intend to use this recipe as often as possible for the gluten members of the family.

See these muffins? They are gingerbread muffins with chocolate and candied ginger. Oh so good!!!! Christina makes them with slices of pear and chocolate -- which are possibly more delicious. The point is, you can use what you have around to decorate these muffins. Find a gingerbread muffin recipe (this was a gluten free gingerbread recipe) and then five minutes before your muffins are baked through pull them out carefully and drop on the toppings. Pop them back in the oven until they are finished baking.

And we also tried this roasted cauliflower recipe with lemon zest and parsley. Also very delicious. I think next time I'll add a slug of olive oil in with the parsley and lemon.

And that's all for now folks! The week is over and it is time to rest!


Silvia M. said...

I'm so glad Laura is doing well. She looks very healthy and happy in all the pictures.
Collin needed his pulmonary artery stent widened to keep up with his normal growth but he's been doing very well. :)

Everydaythings said...

I love your tea trolley posts, and enjoy all those goodies that you serve up! what a wonderful get together and such a good idea on a pre christmas activity to decide what to do about christmas gifts etc. I'm going to have one with my dd's soon, as christmas is approaching v fast indeed!

ps re your scotland posts.... loving seeing the scottish sights along with you!

Pom Pom said...

Hi Heather! I loved reading about your planning session. What a fantastic idea! Dundee cake makes me think of two Winston Churchill films that I love. Oh, the baby! He is such a sweet little shrimp!
You have the best ideas. I think I shall have my students cut out pictures and glue them in their composition notebooks for later journal entries!
That pizza looks delish. Gingerbread muffins sound tasty, too. WHAT a great post!