Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Tea Trolley

The most important cups of tea this week were, of course, those enjoyed on Valentine's Day! Our breakfast table was minimally decorated but I managed a few gifts from the Dollar Store and traditional pancakes with cream and berries. Best of all was a pot of loose-leaf Darjeeling of a very nice quality.

I got the table dressed up a bit for afternoon tea. Couldn't wait to use this vintage sheet I found a few months ago at one of the local thrift stores.

Lots of delicious things to eat -- more sugar than we are used to! Check out these gorgeous chocolate tulip cups! yum!!! And there was decaf black tea for me and a present of Yorkshire Gold tea for the rest to enjoy!

Poor kids -- there were specific intake limits on each of the items on the table!
Good, and loud, fun was had by all!

The kids had to make their own valentines. I helped them choose something fun and found the supplies but they had to do the work. Grandma also leant a hand.

Andrew chose "ipods" to make out of chocolate bars and candy kisses. Quite a hit!

Most of us didn't realize we were getting another snowstorm on Valentine's Day! It snowed most of the day and tapered off by the evening -- at least another 5 inches!

In the evening we headed down the street to enjoy soup and sandwiches with friends. And there was tea to sip (Irish Breakfast or Herbal Raspberry) while we watched the tape of the Olympic Opening Ceremony. Not having a tv of our own (by choice) we hadn't seen any Olympics yet so it was fun to have the chance to experience a bit of the Olympics.

This is all that remains of the tea and snacks on Monday afternoon when my Girls' Knitting Club was here. I tried to bake something and then completely burnt a double batch of butter, sugar and cocoa for brownies so I gave up and went to the store for a pudding cake. Everyone loved it.

See that heart-shaped box? It was a complete surprise to me when it arrived on my doorstep Tuesday morning.

Inside are 12 exquisite teabags in four different flavors. Oh what fun!

That afternoon I had to try one out. See the shape of the teabag? And the cute little tea leaf that sticks out of the top? Jasmine Green is what I chose first. Jasmine is one of my absolute favorites. Oh so good!

Wednesday I was reading blogs and found these pineapple cookies and thought they could work well with gluten-free flour. So, I had to try them to bring to a friend's for tea. They worked very well! And they were so easy.

Michael and I had the chance to run to the Art Museum this week for a little walk around. We discovered a new area on Modern Design that has all kinds of interesting things in it. Thought I could certainly make use of a teapot like this!

And, we discovered the cafe at the museum serves nice tea (as well as coffee).

I opted for the Honeybush Caramel Tea and we sat by the huge windows and chatted while we enjoyed our drinks. Will be heading back there again sometime!

And now I am working on a pot of African Summer (heavy on the lemon grass) while nursing my third cold since January. Yes, this third one showed up before the second one was finished! Yikes! I think this is a record. Oh well. It's just the latest turn in life.


elizabeth said...

looks like a lot of special times! I am so glad! :) sending HUG today, since sometimes there is a bit of a 'let down' after a fun day :)

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I saw on Fox 59 this morning that last night's snow made it the snowiest winter EVER in Indy.

Those triangle shaped tea boxes are either the same as what my daughter-in-law gave me for Christmas or very similar.

She bought them at a gift shop when they were on a camping trip near Turkey Run.

Anonymous said...

Your get-togethers look like such amazing events, and you seem to have them about three times a week! So happy that you and Michael got out for some time just the two of you. Me and my Michael did the same today (but no tea was involved).

Stephanie said...

This reminds me that we want make a trip to the art museum! even though we are more coffee than tea people. ;-)

Linda said...

I think it was cozy things blog.