Thursday, August 21, 2014

Scotland: One Year Ago!

Time has flown and it is a year today since we landed in Scotland on our incredible adventure!

The kids have grown and changed so much in a year's time. But we still revisit our Scotland memories frequently. In fact, I've just begun to find the time to sit down with each child and pick out photos to make them their own photo album of our trip.

It's taken me a lot longer than I thought to blog about our trip and I still have a whole list of things and places to write about! Like our visit to Falkland and Falkland Palace:

And our family history trips to Dunblane and Newton Pitcairn. (Yes, those are the children in their capes which they use for imagination aids.)

 And the boat trip over Loch Leven to the castle where Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned and eventually escaped from (view from the castle across the Loch):

 The Falkirk Wheel and precious times with our dear Mr. & Mrs. Bell:

And there are still more sheep pictures to show. :)

And adventures into the countryside:

And two birthday outings to talk about:

And our return to the very same bed and breakfast we stayed at 9 years ago.

Boat ride on Loch Ness and the amazing rainbows.

Definitely more sheep and animal stories :)

And of course more food and tea photos and times with many, many friends. Aren't these meringues amazing?!!!! A friend of mine can whip these out whenever she wants!!! They are just incredible and she so kindly brought piles of them when her family came for dinner to our Scotland home. Too bad they don't travel via air mail.

Today it will be all "here" and "now" with homeschool, dr's appointment, high school, friends, and church activities. And that's how we are meant to live -- in the present. But it is always fun to remember with fondness the past and to use the memories to gild the present just a bit. Perhaps a cup of tea is in order.....


elizabeth said...

lovely pictures; those meringues are incredible looking! I love your Scotland posts! :)

Pom Pom said...

I love it when you post about your travels. The memories the kids must have! Wow!
Bless you as you launch into the school year and as you reach out to others along the way, Heather!

Unknown said...

So neat, Heather!!! The rainbow! Gorgeous!!!