Thursday, September 25, 2014

Words and Wool

Now that Rachel's sport has ended for the season life is starting to feel a bit more sane around here. :) I did finish and block Laura's "Tiny Tea Leaves" but have not yet found time to weave in the ends and sew on buttons. I need to do this soon because it is the perfect fall sweater for her.

I finally figured out where in the pattern I am for my Mondo Cable Cardigan. There are increases and cables to keep track of so I couldn't just jump back in. But, now it is smooth sailing.

I had a moment to sew a week or so ago and came up with a new product -- tartan zip cases. I'm planning to make them in larger sizes to hold knitting projects.

And I did finish and deliver a fall order of flowers to my local knitting shop.

All summer I've had a large stack of tea cozies cut out and I finally got a few sewed together. They've gone to their homes which means I need to sew some more!

I love my acorn bunting! It is hanging on the hutch and I will have to photograph it there. I found a simple, free, crochet acorn pattern on ravelry and then crocheted them into a bunting.

I've been sewing plaid roses while helping the kids with school. Now I just need to upload them to Etsy....

And I am enjoying teaching the calligraphy class at homeschool co-op. I have an excellent group of kids and I love seeing the artistic things they produce!

 As for books.......

Autumn from the Heart of the Home, 10th Anniversary Edition by Susan Branch is mine for another week. I intend to buy this book as soon as I can -- classic Susan Branch, it is filled with beautiful illustrations, incredible recipes, and all kinds of inspiration for the autumn season. Planning to make the pumpkin lattes this weekend!

The Little Village School by Gervase Phinn was just my kind of relaxation novel -- set in rural England, involving interesting and believable characters, a good plot but not too heavy or involved. I did learn a new use for the verb "post" -- in this novel it is used for food being taken from your plate and put in your mouth -- several of the characters "post" food to their mouths! ha ha ha!

Grace Filled Marriage: The Missing Piece, the Place to Start by Dr. Tim Kimmel is a marriage book to recommend. There is plenty of practical advice but the book boils down to giving your partner grace. There are many definitions of this word but what Kimmel is getting at is showing the same kind of love and undeserved mercy to your spouse that God has shown to us -- no strings attached.

A Seaside Practice: Tales of a Scottish Country Doctor by Dr. Tom Smith was an entertaining enough book but not quite of the caliber of "The Little Village School." However, this book is based on real life experiences.

For more ideas on books and knitting/crochet, visit Ginny's Yarn a Long.

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elizabeth said...

this is all so lovely! glad for all you are able to make and read! the tea leaves is going to look so sweet! do show it when it is done :)

Heather Anne said...

Goodness - you've been busy! I love the flowers, the green sweater is so sweet and I sure wish I had a stack of nice wool tartan to make those zippered bags - so attractive!

Stephanie said...

Cardigan looks great - can't wait to see modeled shots!

Pom Pom said...

You are such a fine knitter, Heather! I DO love, love, love your felt flowers! They are PERFECT! I have to find you on Etsy.
I think a couple of the book titles look interesting, too! Always!
Take care, little worker bee. Rest a tiny bit if you can.

Merry ME said...

You've been busy.
Love the tartan zip cases.