Thursday, April 30, 2015

New York City #4

And now for the last post about my New York City trip.....

Monday dawned bright and much warmer than the week before! Christy and I headed right down to the Financial District where historic buildings from two hundred plus years ago reside among brand new buildings.

We were headed toward Stone Street -- the oldest cobblestone street in NYC.

You could definitely imagine yourself in Europe on this street with the cobbles underfoot and the closeness of the buildings on either side.

Our destination was a Scandinavian restaurant called Smorgas.

Oh the food was good! Look at these vegetarian meatballs and red cabbage. So very delicious!!!

And I loved the stainless steel teacups! Think how practical they would be for a picnic! Or the back patio!

My cousin, Anna, joined us for lunch!

Here are the three of us. Christy and Anna don't know each other but the three of us have been together once before!

Here we are sixteen years ago -- we all looked a bit younger then :)

Christy's dessert made such a pretty picture!!!

After lunch we left Christy at King's College for an afternoon of teaching and Anna and I hopped the subway to go to Williamsburg, Brooklyn. A little more people watching....

First Anna took me to her loft apartment so I could see where she lives. Note that all important kettle on the stove. Good sign!

Then we strolled down to the waterfront -- it was such a gorgeous day!

We popped inside a chocolate shop that starts from scratch - with the real beans! Imagine the smell in there!

Williamsburg is a fun place to roam around -- the shops are unique and well-stocked. It's definitely a place I would head for gift shopping.

Our time was limited but before we parted ways Anna and I wanted to visit her favorite tea shop -- Bakeri. Don't you want to try a "rose water sour cherry scone"?!!

There was plenty to choose from:

I had a sour cherry financier made with almond flour that was incredible! Anna chose the coffee cake.  And I indulged in white peony tea.

We sat out back on the little patio and soaked in the sunshine. I love this picture of Anna!!!!

Anna had to run off to work so I headed back to Manhattan and got off at Chinatown so I could hunt down some t-shirts for the kids.

I should have stopped at the Excellent Dumpling House for some Chinese cuisine (if I had room to hold it!):

Chinatown is full of shops selling all kinds of trinkets and the shopkeepers bargain!

Now that my bags were filled to overflowing I headed south to King's College to collect my suitcase from Christy. I passed this beautiful, old firehouse:

More city scenery:

This building was gorgeous!

Finally a bit of color to brighten up the long winter:

Eventually I reached King's College where Christy teaches.

After saying goodbye and collecting my things it was time to find the subway. This led me past the NY Stock Exchange:

And down past Federal Hall:

And I made it on the subway then onto the train to Newark, the airport tram, and the airplane back to Indy.

It was a most relaxing and enjoyable trip and this time I came home to a clean house (everyone is so much older) and a happy family and I could jump right back into our family's full schedule. I am very thankful and I'm sure these memories will bring me much joy and happiness for years to come.


Jessica said...

Next time you have to pop up to Maine! Just a couple more hours ; ). It has been fun to walk in your shoes for this trip.

Pom Pom said...

What a fun trip! I love all the tea and tasty dinners! You were an adorable bride!
Thank you for sharing such a great experience with us!

Margaret said...

I really enjoyed reading about your trip, Heather!

reader19 said...

Wow! What a trip! So glad you are sharing it with us, little by little so we can all enjoy along with you! Sending you a big hug!

Anonymous said...

You have shown me a side of New York city that I've never seen, though I went there quite a few times in the 1980s. Anna and Christy look like wonderful women to spend time with. I'm so glad you had a good break, and even better that all was very well upon your return home. I'm sure this trip will continue to give you so much happiness in the months to come.

elizabeth said...

what a lovely time you had! so glad!!! I learned a lot of things about NYC that I did not know/have not seen! my parents are coming soon and I sent them your blog so they could look for ideas too :)