Saturday, March 28, 2020

Life on the Home Front: Another Week

In which I discuss spring break, pizza, and movies....

I love this photo because it says so much about our life right now: bagpipe lessons happening via FaceTime (shout-out to our wonderful teacher, Hope!), postage stamps all over the desk from the letter writing, candles littered (one of our sources of joy), a beautiful piece of art to escape into in the background, a tiny little bit of fresh flowers all the way over to the right.

Our first week of spring break is nearly in the books. We had intended to visit relatives in NC, instead we are home. It was a good week overall. The temperatures rose outdoors, we had a lot of good family time, and no one is going absolutely crazy yet.

Friday was rainy which kept us indoors until late in the afternoon when the sky cleared. I escaped to the woodland walk to catch more footage and enjoy the solitude of nature. The kids went out front to play soccer in the street and were joined by some neighbors, keeping their distances of course! It's so hard to repel little toddlers right now, who can't understand why one is backing away from them and saying don't come near me. Very heart-breaking.

I talked to my mom on the phone about art supplies and spent some more time at my work desk painting. All this time at home is helping me prioritize the painting practice. The workshop I signed up for in April has moved to May. Can't wait for it, hoping we don't have to further postpone.

Michael went on an important mission to deliver toilet paper to Mom LeFebvre -- because the stores have been out since we all came home two weeks ago.

I convinced Drew to take another day at baking something for tea. This staying at home is going to result in my boys developing such wonderful skills: baking, cleaning, food shopping. Drew took on oatmeal cookies today and we enjoyed them so much at tea time.

Friday is an easy day to choose pizza for dinner. I had a frozen gluten-free crust in the freezer so only needed to make the gluten crust. I don't miss too many foods, but I do miss good pizza. We decided to eat in front of our evening movie. It was my turn to pick! I had a list of four and decided to go with the top one: The Beautiful Terrific. It was an interesting movie, and overall very good. It must be one of those independent art-type films. It follows a young woman who has OCD and the transformation of her life through the transformation of her back garden. Although it was a lot slower than I meant to force on the family, everyone watched it and even commented positively at the end. I think it gave us something to think about and notice so it actually had more effect than a different movie would have.

Food Eaten: The last piece of the donut cake with tea! Leftover rice, veg, and egg for lunch. Oatmeal cookies for tea, gluten free pizza (dairy free cheese) for dinner with carrots and apples.


Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Where did you find this movie, The Beautiful Terrific? I would like to see it and can't find it...

Jenny said...

I loved that movie!

I'm watching my 2 yr old grandson for the duration & we are just not isolating ourselves from each other. I refuse to isolate from a 2 yr old. So even though the 4 adults (his parents & grandparents) are trying to isolate somewhat from each other we've decided it doesn't matter much with a 2 yr old going back & forth between us all.

We are making sure we wash well before coming into contact with him though & hopefully that will keep us all well in the long run.

Daily walks in the woods are what keep me sane...especially with a 2 yr old. Thankfully we have private property to walk on.