Friday, February 20, 2009

Thinking Pink -- #8

African Violets -- I'm happy that my violets are doing pretty well. I think they probably would appreciate being fed. It only happens once in a great while around here. The violets do help to brighten up winter days.

School is just about done for the week, and, according to my chart, we have only 60 days left!!! Yay! That translates to about 12 weeks. The end is somewhat in sight. Our weekend should be full, but fun. I'm looking forward to seeing my Uncle's camper, attending my first Pilates class, and meals shared with friends.


Heather said...

My Nanny would feed and water her violets with lukewarm tea and they were always gorgeous! I love the splash of pink!

P.S. I hope your Uncle is going to share the from scratch chocolate mousse recipe! Pretty please! I use the Oetaker box, and it's fine, but I'd love to try a scratch recipe that actually sets up! We've had a few mousse disasters that ended up over pound cake!

The Thiessens said...

My first visit enjoyed your Valentine post and, I'll second the mousse request - looks delicious!