Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Day -- The Cookies

Valentine's afternoon we got things decorated for the party in the evening:

Red, and pink, and white, and lace, and ribbon are all so beautiful!!!

And so are conversation hearts:

Uncle Bill and Christina arrived at 4 and commenced with their truffles, made from scratch:

The children got down to the serious business of cookie decorating. How fun is it to glob on icing, pour on the sprinkles and create something deliciously edible!

Auntie C, Emily, and Susan helped to supervise the children while I cooked:

Rachel enjoyed the icing bags with decorator tips:

David superintended from the top of the table. I wonder how many cookies he ate?

The creations were just gorgeous!!! (In fact, they remind me of my coveted Cath Kidston catalog which arrived in the mail today)

There were strawberry cupcakes to decorate as well:

I really think the decorating has gone up a notch even from December!

Special thanks to Susan who helped the kids do such a great job!

More pictures to follow of the party at a later time.
Today I did my food shopping and we had a good morning of school. There was also afternoon "cuppa" with some neighbor ladies, so it's been a full day. I'm eager to hop in bed and read a few more chapters in North and South. It's so good!


Heather said...

Wonderful pictures Heather! I've been thinking about you quite often, but we seem to be overly busy here again! Appointments galore and just life moving to quickly as usual! Your decorating crew did such a fine job! We hosted a Valentine's Tea, but I have yet to download any pictures! Oh well!

jennie said...

Great, now I want cookies!

willow said...

Glad to hear you are enjoying North and South. I watched the TV film before reading the book which sometimes spoils it, but it didn't in this case - a few interesting differences though.

Anonymous said...

Well done to the kids on decorating those cookies and cakes, they did a great job!