Thursday, October 1, 2009


Life has been busy recently. We're into the height of soccer season. With both Andrew and James playing, that means possibly two nights of the week with soccer and then Saturday morning. Fortunately, Michael feels responsible for that and takes care of the runs as much as possible. And there is Wednesday night ballet. It does mean strange meal times -- very early or very late. I'm not quite used to it. Besides the funny appetite, meal times are suffering. There are so many wonderful things to cook though, especially at this time of year. Tonight we are having "fake pizza" (from the store) because it sounds so good! :)

We had our first Fall hospitality event last week with a pie night. I realized I better get my house decorated fast. I have a new mantel decoration, but no picture of it yet.

I'm playing around with my new camera, but haven't been able to get it figured out yet. I may need a different lens (I have 14 days to return the one I bought). I need to try a few different settings, but I'm thinking I'm going to have to get that other lens I was thinking about originally.
Michael is away until Saturday night. Hopefully I can do some fun things with the kids while he is away to help pass the time. I think we're going to watch cooking shows and knit tonight. Maybe that will be relaxing. We spent the morning at homeschool group (at which I teach art to the 5th and 6th graders) and then it was home for a quick lunch before heading out to the dr's and then the Knit Shop and then the airport. I think it's time to relax......
We have overnight guests this weekend so I need to get organized for that and of course do some cooking/baking. First off is one more day of school.....


Monica said...

Cooking shows and knitting. That sounds relaxing. I hope time passes quickly while Michael is gone.

Rachel L said...

Haha - welcome to the crazy world! The older the kids get, the crazier life becomes it seems to me. After 4 years of ballet twice a week and no Saturday mornings at home, we've decided to pull out and have a little break for awhile. I will miss it though - it's been lovely. Soccer looks great fun. We're about to start the tennis season down here. :o)
Would love to know more about your camera. I'm saving up for one.
Rachel L

tam said...

wow. you wonderwoman! i am tired just reading your post. i can hardly keep my eyes open long enough to put my laundry away, and the thing is, i am getting enough sleep at night!

i'm glad your pregnancy is going so well. i hope it continues well through all your busyness. the time will fly with a schedule like that. :D do relax.

isnt shopping hard? its hard to settle on what you will have for so long, hard to be sure its the right thing, and just what you'll need. i hope youre able to pick the right lens!

Ruth MacC said...

Food looks great as usual. Today while out shopping, I saw in a restaurant a chocolate pizza, or should I say a sign for it. Sean was very interested! lol
The guys are out at a movie so I am in my pj's in front of the fire. I enjoyed a sermon while making a jigsaw Niall bought me today and now I am just catching up.
Very relaxing.