Thursday, May 6, 2010

Back to the Books

I must get back to posting about books I've read. I have a number to recommend but will start with this fun little read I started in the hospital last week.

Sweater Quest chronicles the story of Adrienne Martini and her plan to knit an Alice Starmore sweater in one year. If, like me, you have no idea who Alice Starmore is, let's just say she designs incredibly complex, yet beautiful, fair isle sweaters, and there is a lot of controversy surrounding her name.

The book delves into who Alice Starmore is (a somewhat reclusive knitter who lives in the Outer Hebrides), what fair isle knitting is all about, finding yarn, and knitting the sweater, all in the context of someone's everyday life. Throughout the book you are introduced to a number of famous people in the knitting world through visits Martini makes along her journey. I found it fascinating how the author managed to weave so much information about knitting and knitters into a book that is meant to be an easy, fast read. I certainly learned a lot more about the current knitting culture by reading this book.

I would recommend this book for anyone interested in knitting. I think it would be interesting for avid knitters as well as people new to the craft.

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